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  1. Thanks, here's an adapter for the older Yamato base.
  2. Wow... your works are out of control awesome! Keep them coming
  3. Put SV-51 up for the test, I was surprised the adapter for YF-21 works with SV-51. So, anything that can attach to the original stand that came with SV-51 can attach to this stand.
  4. The stand cost about $85 total. The arm alone around 30, for the base $55. Yes, I will make it available for anyone to buy, and have the arm and base sold separately.
  5. Thanks Loop, those bearings really help. Without them I probably need to make the base much bigger.
  6. Display stand for YF-21, and if it works... ... . . adapters later for other VFs. I use Shapeways to do the printing, visit my shop if you into Armored Core. I have an item for sale. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/temjin-s-studio
  7. Some new parts came in, here a test on the strength of those joints.
  8. Hard to say about labor cost, everyone works differently. If just the material cost based on shapeways pricing, may be $80ish for an example 1/60 YF-19 fast pack. May be more or less, just guessing I could be wrong. Also take consideration the surfaces will be rough. There is a new material available at shapeways with smoother surfaces, but much more expansive.
  9. Don't know if people still into 3D printing, but I have been working on a display stand for 1/60 YF-21, printed some test parts and waiting for the rest from Shapeways.
  10. Not really 3D printing related, but interesting product.
  11. Good job everyone, and nice sketch, every once a while we all have to turn off the computer and quietly draw something on paper.
  12. The mecha reminds me of this, or other way around.
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