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  1. yeah.....I had a teammate who asked specifically for the green one.....I didn't tell him that it's cursed. about half a lap after I took that screenshot it decided it hated life and went barrelrolling down turn 2 after it smacked the wall.
  2. Those renders are AMAZING!! I love that first shot with the gear down.
  3. Hey all, over the past few months I've been learning how to paint cars in GIMP for iRacing. I finally thought to do a Macross-based one of the DW12 Indycar. presenting F4H Skull Squadron: here's the Road Course aero and, my teammates' liveries Dionysis Fiallo's: Nathan Tague's: Tyler Jones': Dario Bocanegra's:
  4. I've been on a bit of a Slayers marathon, almost done with Slayers Revolution now. I like the series so far, since the overkill is hilarious!
  5. in that pic there, what's going on near the tailplane with those hatches that are open?
  6. ...and we view the world through rose-tinted glasses...
  7. 230/255, it got a boost in '04 it's been dependable so far, having the two extra doors is nice. been averaging 25-27mpg out of it, more than the magazines that tested it did. Eventually I'll start messing with it: wheels, coilovers, a single-exit exhaust (don't like the duals honestly)
  8. Looks awesome. Wish they had them for car helmets too
  9. I wouldn't mind them making everything in 1/48 honestly. Yes, we pay a little more for more detail, and that way the market isn't severely oversaturated the way it appeared to be when I snagged my fleet in December & January
  10. If that happened I would sell ALL of my Valks to get one.
  11. kinda having thoughts about selling my -17D w/FP's & -19Kai now...
  12. Honestly, I think the p-trans shield is fine being off-centered. It was supposed to have spare magazines on the back of it remember? As far as best Yamato valk...still going with the vf-4. Even according to the lineart it looks spot-on in gerwalk mode, since IIRC it was designed after fighter- & Battroid-modes. Missiles are still a pita though.
  13. you missed Gamlin in a -22S!.....that was the high point of it.
  14. I think there was another set of packs designed too.
  15. well, that gives an idea of what it would look like with the packs. I think the ones in the original lineart had the back sections folding down IIRC.
  16. Poor Kakizaki.....he's still getting the brunt of all the bad things in sales.
  17. kinda funny how something relatively simple/minor can argue a strong case for customizing in the back of your head isn't it?
  18. ^^agree on both accounts. Keeping quiet and plugging away til the hysteria dies down is the best option. And releasing more VF-4's in the future. always more VF-4's. Why put that much effort into a mold if you're only going to release one version of it?
  19. Yamato was defunct the moment Arcadia was announced. as to what the best "Yamato" one was.....both my fanboy side and my intellectual side agree: the VF-4. Because it took them so long to finally get around to it, and that they nailed the transformation perfectly. other than that, the v2 VF-1A. Look at how many they cranked out and how many have been customized since it's release.
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