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  1. Wondering if they are doing some extra research on Messer's remains or body if Keith killed him that eloquently. Something about the fact that in Ep 9, the fact that Johnson and Arad were allowed to have him continue to operate in Delta Platoon despite having VAR Syndrome on the proviso that they keep on feeding back data on him to Lady M. Even, so I'm not expecting a comeback from him at this point in time.
  2. Agreed totally. He needs to understand the reality of the situation. Some people are worried that Chuck is going to get offed later on, I'm worried it will be Messer when he goes on a final major mano e mano. Always a tragedy somewhere in the series. I sense from Ep 1 and then the OP something is going to happen.
  3. Funny how they refer to it as Phoenix when apparently some higher ups said that the fighter is not Phoenix, but referred to only as Zero.
  4. This really disappoints me. I took a bit of a break to horde up a load of cash to complete my collection but now that is all for nought. I only have a few of the v2 1/60s. My 1/48 collection is huge, it was a bit of a slap in the face for me when they released the 1/60 line again, as I thought I had the perfect valk. Haven't even gotten a VF-1S Focker or Hikaru and was lucky to pick up an Elintseeker at normal price. Currently in Japan and it is a disappointment for me. Not many valks left at all except for the Bandai breakables. I agree with Uxi. I hope that they get the molds and start cranking them out again. Prices before the sale were ok, not brilliant, but something that we could cope with. I just hope I can finish my VF-17D and FAST Packs collection before they run out.
  5. My four came. This is a beautiful piece of work. I really enjoy this new type of VF.
  6. I so agree with Graham. I so much miss the original SDF Macross, but I wish it was more up to date with it's animation. This has made me start to rewatch the series again. Awesome stuff.
  7. VF-X Ravens schemes baby. Thats where it is at.
  8. Ok so these new 2011 chips have me interested. I was about to go out and buy the 1155 stuff, but now I'm at a crossroads. I don't need the most expensive of the two new Intel processors if it came down to it, but both of these board feature the Intel chipset for SATA 3, which I need for max performance of my SSD. Would it be better to use the 2011 motherboards as in future they will truly allow longevity due to the ability to upgrade to CPUs with more cores and also more RAM in future? I really wanted to get a Rampage IV Extreme motherboard. If this will help me buy less in future I would like to go this route. Or should I get the 1155 stuff while it's cheap?
  9. I was happy with the first run of the VF-19 Kai, so I'll get this one. If i had a criticism it would be the weak ankles. . . . but I can manage with that. I will not be missing out on this one. Definitely not.
  10. Seriously, I hate tools that take usernames and then never use them! I had to rethink and got inspired by a transformer ad from HLJ, so I am now Kensei Prime. Argh.
  11. If it's because of the bad economy, I'm willing to wait till it boils over and comes good. That's probably why at the moment you don't want to make so much that even popular characters become shelf warmers.
  12. If you want it bad enough, and it wasn't a limited edition, then it could happen. Remember the length of time we had to wait for the release of the 1/48 VF-1S Roy Focker?
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