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  1. hi guys: those are my pictures. the HK puzzle is not that big, about 40cm x 50cm ? the sdf-1 in there is the mini one from yamato. the one on the lower right hand corner is the 1/2000 on that I build years ago...
  2. Hi, I just recently finshed the 1/3000 SDF-1 model kit from Yamato. I love the fluorescent decal, and was wondering if you guys know where can I get more, or something similiar? Thanks
  3. Have been looking for a while. Where can I still find one at a reasonable price? Thanks
  4. want to sell the yf-21?
  5. how much are you looking for?
  6. Hi guys, my 19's ankle have gone so loose that it can no longer stand. Does anyone have pics of how to tighten it? I can't seem to be able to take it apart. thx
  7. I have tried to take it apart, but no luck. Can someone please post a picture of how to take the ankle apart? many thanks
  8. so will the cockpit rotate like the vf-19?
  9. Can some please tell me where I can order this online for north american buyers? HLJ doesn't have it. me want one of each.....
  10. Thank you Arcadia! This is great news, I can't wait!!!
  11. Wow, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! Now I can go home and tell my wife I am normal!
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