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4 minutes ago, jenius said:

I thought they were always doing a statue and kitzconcept was doing the action figure. Having handled the Kid's Logic Hikaru action figure... I think it's smart if then to go with a statue.

Yeah. I know they're mostly statues. So when they announced this back in October, I thought it falls in their 1/6 action figure category like Hikaru's.


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Dana Pre-order placed.

Price wasnt as steep as expected, under 4,500. Of course shipping and customs will add a few more thousands.

Had to leave a note as always about avoiding the post office and providing tracking. You'd be amazed how many think they can just ship to Africa without any tracking, and then are actually suprised when the item is never received.

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1 hour ago, Stampeed Valkyrie said:

Has there been any word on the smaller 1/12 cockpit releases?   Been a little while since they asked for payment,  I figured it would have released by now.

As per their website 1/12 VF-1J cockpit estimate release was Q1 2021. Roy's VF-1S on the other hand is Q2. 

I don't think they post any updates on their social media accounts as well. Their posts I believe is more of what's coming next. 


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16 minutes ago, Big s said:

The chest armor break is off to me. It looks like he went stupid and put it on backwards and then it popped off

True. It would've been nice if the chest armor kinds of popping out from the upper chest first and not have it sideways like that.


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