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Hi-Metal R

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5 minutes ago, HardlyNever said:

We've known for a few weeks or so now that HMR would be shown at the next Tamashii nations.  Hopefully it will be more than this, though.

I'm not really interested in another round of repaints.  New molds, please.

:lol: Just wanted to say it cos it was too early to get fidgety abt HMR being dead....:lol:

Am really ecstatic with a custom VF-4!
Means Max and Milla VF-4 is a distant possibility too!

In terms of molds bandai is giving us more rather than another VF-1!:p

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I'll get a Roy...but not really liking it....it's weird but I think I would have preferred a VF-X version....:rolleyes:


Hopefully, if they greenlight a M&M set...it is more like the ones above and less like these below...



How awesome would a Cavaliers release have been?....


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Roy doesn't look too bad.. Might get one (as will everyone else) and try not get cart jacket or get the spinning wheel of death upon pre-order madness. :blink:

Any lag in Macross products, there's always someone crabbing... It's not the end of the world guys! :diablo:

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Might just pass this one.  Really not feeling it.

Bandai needs to hire someone better for their original paint schemes.  This one's at least an improvement over the "Roy" YF-29, but not really flattering at all.  Stripes kinda go nowhere.. giant patches on the fronts of the wings look really misplaced.

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Hmm i hope this VF-4 version follows color similar to gundam RG's, with a base color and a slightly offset color to compliment.

Looks like the chest is a darker grey tone. scratch that...after looking at the display pics am not so sure if its actually darker..

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@sqidd PO on 10/04. I wonder if it will sell out quickly due to the unique color scheme. The last VF-4 was relatively easy to get a hold of. 

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Hmm differences include;

Head sculpt.

top of the chest isnt colored(?)

Chest plate and leg stripes changed to brass color.

Black feet!

Megaroad on tailfin...

Leg fins are colored.

UNSpacy in white on legs.

Also, not sure exactly on roy's base fuselage color. Logically it would be TV grey, but in some pics it looks near white.

If there is one thing i might prefer, perhaps, for fuselage area behind the head, to be black in between the shoulders..


Overall tho i love it!

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