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  1. That's actually his office at Satelight He must have changed it recently because the last time I saw it on NHK his shelf looked like this
  2. I also think this is the correct answer. Bandai have the SoC Dairugger XV coming out this month, next month aside from the VF-1S they also have the Metal Build Eva Unit 02 coming out. And on top of all this they also have a super expensive Nu Gundam which very high parts count coming out in December. All of which are highly sought after items that are much more complex to assemble.
  3. loliphenex

    Hi-Metal R

    Promo pics for VF-4G are up https://tamashii.jp/item/13066/
  4. loliphenex

    Hi-Metal R

    General release, 2020/2, 13200 yen after tax PO should start the next Bandai Night
  5. That’s because Flame Toys and Bandai contract the same designers (Decomas Labo, Chemical Attack), same situation with Bandai and Arcadia contract T-Rex to design their Valkyries. Hasbro has nothing to do with it.
  6. loliphenex

    Macross figures

    For reference, this is how the previous 1/1 figure was delivered
  7. The VFGs are customized EX-Gears used for sports race that mimic the shape of the aircrafts.
  8. For the record, the VF-1S had the most stock out of every item that went up last night at amiami (you can see their current stock through amiami’s api call). Some numbers I recorded last night. VF-1S : 859 (+130 that came later) Dairugger XV : 401 SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Kuuga Decade ver : 483 Robot Spirits Gelgoog J ANIME : 614
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