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  1. I have not check my card yet (was using my wife's card, so can't check yet as she is away), was just looking at the price stated in the invoice. Edit: but I suspect it will be $309, as I set the payment currency as USD wrongly.
  2. One of the review in Japan said that on release day, there are tons of the hi nu in the shop near where he live and there is no problem getting one at all. So I am not expected to see it still goes up beyond the retail price. Its seems to have plenty of supply.
  3. I tried the payment setting yesterday before posting, not working. But today when I login to HLJ again, all prices is now in Yen. Seems like it take some time to take effect. The more I think about this, the worst I feel about the price gauging of HLJ.
  4. Sometime it works, but most of the time the p-bandai page is region locked. You need a vpn that connect to a Japan server to see the page properly.
  5. I see. So they pocket the 10% extra. Thx. So the exchange rate they use is still a bit worse than what google uses. Even paypal rate of 127.1 yen to a dollar put 35200 at $276.95 So HLJ is price gouging big time. Over 10% extra. Thx also for the pbandai link for the bazooka. Seems like ordering will start 16:00 1st Aug.
  6. HLJ charged me $309 for the hi nu. The retail price is 32000 yen, with the current exchange rate, I was hopping that it will be less. What was the original yen price for this in HLJ? I can't seems to change the price to Yen in HLJ anymore. Thinking of ordering the hyper bazooka to get the shield, but no PO page available. Anyone have the link for the p-bandai page that I can use for proxy service?
  7. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    missed the PO. And not happy about having to pay $60 for my "mistake". Might wait for release day.
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