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  1. This is no longer an PO, but I am not sure if I should post this on the main thread since it is purchase related, so choose to post this here. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Chogokin-Version-Super-Valkyrie-Separately/dp/B08HJ2NXGD not shipping to US, so if you are looking for one and have a tenso address this might work out for you.
  2. I see. I hope domestic shipping does not cost too much. I paid 660yen for domestic shipping when I order my tv-super parts. Just glad that I have this on order. Both the stand alone and combo set not an easy PO for me.
  3. I did remember seeing the post you have linked, so I kept my proxy request. Didn't expect that they will come through as days when by. But they just ordered my items. So at least I will have some GBP to play with. I didn't know the second batch is 1 per customer, somehow my proxy manage to get two, so might sell one of them at cost when they arrive.
  4. I paid after market price for the first DX, missed the PO, so I forget what was the MSRP. Was imagining that people pay something around 17500 yen when they PO. I see, 2% extra tax.
  5. Bandai's base price is also higher for this bundle. 33000 - 13200 yen is higher than the MSRP of the naked VF-1J in the first release.
  6. I have also wish I can find one. Are you selling?
  7. did they go for a second run? seem like it is still available: https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000156477/?_ga=2.226375837.667221276.1619066772-1917408904.1617340876 My proxy had not confirmed order.
  8. You are most likely right about the price. One site is already taking order: https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/metal-structure-sazabi-japan-version Not sure if it is legit.
  9. Any idea when Sazabi metal structure PO will happen? Price prediction? Missed the boat for NU, hopefully I can try to convince myself to get the sazabi if I have the chance.
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