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  1. I do hope Bandai reissue the Nu, the KO version might be somewhat possible but at least the fin fennel seems to be fixed and not separable.
  2. I can't justify twice the money, and I do prefer the Bandai version. So I am hoping for a possible reissue. I am also putting aside money for the possible PO of the sazabi. Looking forward to see your display with the Nu.
  3. Thanks @rick.vale for a friendly transactions.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. They did just send me a notice that my items is now shipped (at least I have a tracking number).
  5. each of the decal on it own will be manageable, but there are so many of them.
  6. Yes. Looks to be a simple enough customization, if we have the replacement decals. Looking at the tampo, do you think it is a viable proposition?
  7. I did think about masking some of the simpler shape (stripe, big letter and so on). Maybe with a bit of patient it is doable, but that is not very "scalable", ie my effort will not help anyone else. Decal is nice, once a set is done, many people who want to do the same will have an easier time. I hope @Anasazi37 can chime in and share his opinion on how doable the decal effort would be. I wonder how LEK did the decal for his DX custom. There are so many of markings. Anyone who own a LEK copy can share if the markings are decal?
  8. I have an extra set of armor that I plan to paint/customize to be Roy's color, but looking the tampo printing on the set give me pause. Creating decals for this project is kind of beyond me now. Maybe waiting for Bandai to release the Roy and Max color is a better option but I have no faith that it will actually be available. Anyone have interest in creating the decal as a joint project?
  9. I come that that impression base on what other have reported here about how things pan out for the VF-31A. People seems to receive their order after one year or more. So basically I am just guessing/speculating. It is still sad to see NY went the way it did. I have obtain a few items at a good price with them. So I still feel thankful for the service they offer while it last. I hope Nin Nin will fare better.
  10. I have another item with them and its been in "preparartion in progress" for a few days too. But my VF-31AX is still stuck in "payment received. Will wait for a week or so before I panic. But it is encouraging to see that your is in "preparartion in progress" state. Hopefully things will move along at some point. Maybe they don't have everything they "sell" in stock and they are trying to source them now at a price that will still allow them to have some profit. I have the impression that NY have the same operating style for some high demand items. Not a very good business practice. But we have no way to be sure what is going on.
  11. Good to hear your experience. I have not deal with them before, feeling a bit nervous. Will be patient for a while. Hopefully will see some action soon. Mine still shows no change in status? I wonder if they get enough stock. Still good to know that at least one person is getting this shipped.
  12. Anyone who order at NinNin hears from them yet? I hope this will not turn into another NY.
  13. I hope NinNin game will deliver my order. Here is the first review I have found on YT:
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