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DX VF-25 Renewal Series (Part III)

UN Spacy

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Tamashii Nations Newsletter :

・ DX超合金 VF-25Sメサイアバルキリー(オズマ・リー機)リニューアルVer.

11/2014 Reseller information!

DX Chokogin VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Lee renewal ver
The presales opening August 1 2014 4 p.m. Japan time
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Aw yes! Want one! Hopefully am able to pre-order one.

Now Bandai, reissue them armor parts too. B))

I just hope bandai re-issue the armor parts as well. I mean, there are currently an excess of supply of naked VF-25F and soon, 25S. we need those armor parts :D

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Best news I've heard in a while! About damn time Bandai!!! :angry:

I hope we all secure a pre-order and there's enough to go around. My Armour packs are already weathered and matte clear coated all ready to go when this puppy finally arrives home.

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VF-25S Ozma Renewal Re-Issue this Nov!!!


Nice! Not looking forward to the pre-order "anxiety", but the cost of collecting I suppose.

sir you made my day :wub:

and just to answer all those who said Bandai will never release it please feel wrong.

waiting for the mandrake flood with price plummeting



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