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  1. That's a fantastic collection Lolicon. Paint just got finished in my new office. Next week is the carpet and installing all the lights in the Detolfs. I'll see if I can get a pic of everything I'm stuffing in my display room.
  2. Give me a few weeks and I'll have a new display in my new house. Waiting on paint and new carpet. I'm super stoked.
  3. I'm actually more interested in hanging out with my fellow fans. Meeting guys like EXO, Jason, Richard, Sirian, Kyle, Adrian, Gwyn, and so many others is incredible. I've been talking to all these folks for years it's great seeing them in person. Lots of drinks, food, fun, and deculture to be had.
  4. I'm definitely going. Probably one best times/places to buy toys. I saw brand new stuff going for less than MSRP.
  5. Thanks! I'll give it a look soon. Just packed all my Macross stuff to do new paint and carpet in my collection room.
  6. There is however, this weird little sweet spot where the joints want to stick in a super dynamic pose but it that's not what you want or if it's hit, they just dangle.
  7. Whether it's HMR or Arcadia, all I want is a complete damn set in a viable scale.
  8. Everyone should pack things like ShowZ and include those fancy corner covers.
  9. I just got my Hayate AX and you guys weren't lying about the QC and tolerances. I am a little heartbroken.
  10. What a missed opportunity by Arcadia. Had they gone with one of the Destroids we needed for this scale it could've turned this entire line around. People would've scrambled to pick these up again. A new Destroid design could've led us to believe they were going to complete the line, which I would've been all in for, but instead we're left wondering if they're milking the mold to gauge our interest which isn't fair because we've already gotten three versions (tan, green, weathered) of this guy so if you wanted it, you have it.
  11. I really hope they are for you guys. My hips (on the originals) were good for about a year in a single pose and then the first time moved them it was like shaking an old wooden puppet.
  12. The V.1 VF-25S Ozma. One of the first valks I bought when I first found out there were MP type toys. This type of heartbreak wasn't something I was ready for. The VF-2SS. Man, I love this design but this toy was the worst. Any YF-29. Those hips are just trash.
  13. Received the 19 in perfect condition.
  14. DM sent for the 19.
  15. Looking for a 1/60 Bandai DX YF-19 Full Set. I'd prefer a US seller and pics. Message me on FB Messenger at Benson DeSlonk for easy sharing of pics and communication.
  16. +1 for Alphahorizon. Fantastic communication.
  17. I'll take the missile regults and VF-25G
  18. I'll take the missile regults
  19. Not your fault. Holiday season shipping issues my dude. You had it in the mail immediately.
  20. Feed my Macross addiction. I have needs!
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