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  1. +1 for Alphahorizon. Fantastic communication.
  2. I'll take the missile regults and VF-25G
  3. I'll take the missile regults
  4. Not your fault. Holiday season shipping issues my dude. You had it in the mail immediately.
  5. Feed my Macross addiction. I have needs!
  6. WTB DX Chogokin 1/48 TV Parts for a VF-1. Please sell me things.
  7. Got them. Positive feedback will be left.
  8. Also looking for the Megaroad model kit from wonderfest or any other representation of it.
  9. Benson13

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah I'e been eyeing the set but I already have 5 orders in with them and the not shipping thing is making me nervous even though they're reputable.
  10. Benson13

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice. The Regult Missile Type Set is going to be my next purchase. Currently looking for them as we speak.
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