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  1. Having an opinion that is different from yours isn't trolling. This is a discussion post, not a praise post. Endless praise for a show shouldn't be the chief aim here. I watched the first episode and didn't like it. The aim of the first episode should be to draw you in and I didn't feel that it did it's job. Miles - so this is going off the movie universe timeline I guess?
  2. That's another thing I don't get. If this guy is like a high level telepath - which I am assume he is - why isn't somebody serious coming after him? Call the X-men instead of letting some New York hipster try to mess around. haha
  3. I'm watching the first episode of JJ just to give a shot and it's pretty boring. Like CSI sassy chick or something. I don't find her to be a credible badass and the acting isn't amazing. The writing is pretty bland too. The main character is more annoying than anything. Daredevil is somebody you can sympathize with and care about as a human. Jessica Jones is just walking wish fulfillment for people who want a cheap female "superhero". It just the same stuff you can get on any network cop show with a bit more sex. Save the edge and give me a story. By the time she's riding in the Taxi and they are trying to hook you emotionally, I just kept thinking.. "who cares?"
  4. God I love this show. Nothing on TV makes me laugh like the writing. The writing for Ash and his one-liners are amazing. "Sweet shithouse mouse!" I'm really, really enjoying this series. It's too bad it's only 6 episodes. I love the mix of practical effects and CGI. It's a shame Rami doesn't do more TV. My only major complaint is the Actress playing the cop... Though her tits are massive... her acting is godawful. I feel like episode 4 was probably the weakest so far. The car chase was kind of silly, but I enjoyed the back story on Ash.
  5. Dat shockwave though. I just hate how Iron hides upper body fades away around the sides.
  6. It's hard to say. I think most people associate the pink tint with white plastic with impurities. I wouldn't say it feels cheap though.
  7. I've been getting prepped for the new film. I watched fan edits of the prequels and I'm working on the despecialized editions. I saw Cloak of Deception, The Republic Divided, and The Dawn of the Empire. I have to say with some editing and re-hauling these are pretty decent films with a good story underneath. Taking out little things like not letting the droids speak, or cutting scenes just a little short makes a huge difference. They also added in some cut scenes that give a much better narrative flow, while cutting pointless scenes like the diner in clones. Also cutting some of the over the top sequences like Yoda flipping around was nice. I really enjoyed rewatching all three together after not seeing them for over a decade. They are solid fantasy-fi films in their own right.. if edited properly.
  8. This toy should be like their VF-1 reissues. Pretty much the same but with probably slightly inferior (though hard to identify why it's inferior. IE pinkish and thinner) plastic quality and sloppier paint apps. I don't remember the QC being that bad on the Roy and Hik re-issues, other than the skull and crossbones being off on the tail. I didn't buy either so I don't know. I'd never switch to the 1/100's because the Battroid modes look pretty off to my eye. They seem really over priced at 120 bucks when you can get a sentinel product for that price point with tons of detail and whatnot. Compare it to Sentinals Iron Man stuff at the similar scale and the 1/100 line looks cheap. However I do want a Spartan! But people like to have something new and get in on the ground floor. It's a lot less daunting than trying to find all the 1/60's when the prices will probably continue to go up. Arcadia has been around over a year + and only done 2 vf-1 re-issues. But I also don't blame people from being scared off from any Arcadia product. They bring it on themselves by making a rookie mistake and letting it out into the wild. Arcadia has to build their brand, and that means making quality toys. People are already put off by the price point and the lack of tampo - you throw in a big structural defect and PO's will disappear.
  9. anybody else thinking about skipping Ratchet and Ironhide? The more I look at them the less I like either mode. The Robot mode looks too thin and broken up in the chest, and the vehicle alt mode looks really busy and broken up with all the transformation lines.
  10. Riddley Scott was pretty specific that Deckard was a replicant. He even said so in the documentaries and such. That's the whole point of the unicorn scenes. It was more of a battle with the producers who wanted a more consumer friendly movie that ends on a high note that most of the footage he wanted to imply that he was a replicant was scrapped. He basically finished it and the producers saw it and wanted the final stuck in to appease test audiences. Thats why they took the Superman footage and made the driving off into the sunset ending. Basically hacks that had no idea about the story trying to compromise his vision. Ridley didn't have the power then that he has now. It didn't really matter because I believe ET pretty much smashed all the competition that year and nobody was going to see anything else. It wasn't going to make a ton of money that year if they changed the ending or not.
  11. I've had some boxing lessons, but I never committed to any classes. A lot of them are 100 bucks a month for some of the gyms around here. Krav Maga is pretty popular but I kind of wanted to learn some proper kick boxing.
  12. Plastic quality isn't QC - you're right. It's just cost cutting.
  13. I think he took my point out of context, and I didn't really understand what he was getting at. I didn't think David opened any of his stuff haha "I'd like to see somebody say that they worked the hip joint repeatedly and nothing broke," isn't "everybody who owns one must take one for the team and transform it." Those who chose to take theirs out of the box and transform it and still have no hip issues could test it to see how much stress it could take. Some folks might not want to pay more for a fix, or aren't that good at swapping parts. They may not want the hassle.
  14. If you're asking if I know your complete history in this thread, no. I saw Jenius' review and I've been tracking it from there. I don't know if you own any or not. I haven't had a desire to transform the VF-0D. I'm not going to change my mind now just to throw more fuel on the fire when it's obviously a structural problem. I can speculate about the extent of the problem, but that doesn't mean I want to be a guinea pig either. Saying I'd like to see somebody do doughnuts in a parking lot to test a tire I own doesn't mean I'm going to do it. haha. If I had a sealed Super Ostrich I wouldn't open it up to confirm what I already know either. Somebody may want to just display it in fighter.
  15. Yeah. I read it. I've been posting in it. It is hard to know - but it's not my job to be a tester for Arcadia and check the sample size. It's just as likely to be broken as a sealed one. If you want to know so bad open one of yours. Just because I displayed mine doesn't mean I have an obligation to break the leg off more than somebody who collects sealed boxes. People buy sealed (or so they think) Yamato VF-1's all the time that may have broken shoulders.
  16. Lol. I never thought this would be discussed here. I've been following MMA for about 8 years and I have to say... Rousey only looked impressive because she was fighting smaller women who only had 5-6 professional fights. She was massively over hyped. The UFC went with it because most of their major stars were defeated and they will ride out any success they can. Holm was a boxing champion before she transitioned to MMA and was physically stronger than Rousey. She was lighting her up on the feet with her foot movement and jab. You could see the Panic in Rousey when she tried for a takedown and it didn't work. My only regret is not putting money on Holm. I haven't been following the fight schedule like I should be. haha
  17. I think I should sell it. hahaha
  18. We're unsure how many it is affecting and probably never will be. This forum is a small subsection of a small subsection. I still haven't transformed my VF-0D and plenty of other people may not have even taken it out of the box. I'd like to see somebody say that they worked the hip joint repeatedly and nothing broke, it seems like most people who are actually pulling the hip out are having a break. If the mechanism is faulty it should be the same across the board, just like with the old V1 VF-11's.
  19. I don't hate Arcadia for making a flawed product, beyond that they should have done more extensive testing on a transforming toy. If you add a feature like extending leg joints you need to test it rigidly, because I'm sure that is factored into their price. It's just an unfortunate fact that US fans are double screwed if we choose to take the leap of faith. Obviously MR K isn't going to go on twitter and point out that it's fixed if nobody mentions it was broken, but maybe they already knew from testing and didn't want to take a hit by not selling their stock. Very hard to say. I think they should release a free fix on their website and offer to mail it out to customers. At any rate, A PO isn't warranted. I'll wait for a review, though some reviewers don't even hint on issues like this. I don't know if it is because they are getting free crap from distributors or just don't want to make Arcadia look bad. I'm Glad Jenius is in the trenches.
  20. Well - stop buying from AMIAMI just because they are 5-10 bucks cheaper. They suck. I amazed people shop with them honestly. They are rude and act like you're doing them a favor. But more generally just stop buying Arcadia I suppose. HLJ will work with you at least, and are aware of companies with less than stellar reputations for QA. The VF1 were sub 100 dollar toys at the time, yes? This is a 300 dollar toy.
  21. Also, the more people that fix it themselves and don't complain - the less likely they are to fix it in future releases. Sticking it on the retailers is the best bet, as they will complain directly back to the factory. That's one bad thing about shapeways, people are inclined to fix it because of the muddled lines of communications to japan. They want the toy so bad they don't expect enough for their dollar. It's awesome people can fix things, or improve on things, but it's not always good for the general consumer or the line in the long run. Just another thing to lay at the feet of Harmony ghoul.
  22. They should have tested it enough to know it was a piece of crap. haha
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