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  1. Trade worked out for us! A pleasure to do business with you.
  2. Saburo Kato! I am regretting not getting this now. Awesome pictures!!! I love the pictures keep em coming.
  3. I'm looking forward to this. I really like the colors.
  4. This is for Saburo! Great Buyer!!!! For my Kakizaki V2 VF-1 A DYRL. A+ buyer!!!!!
  5. This is a nice to have but not a must have since I have the -19 with gold booster and the Arcadia version and Isamu's YF-29. Since it appeared for a few seconds. I'm ok not having it.
  6. dont worry Saburo. You can take pics of my VF-0D. I was on the fence on this fig too. I like the plane but not the price. With the price dropping it makes it more affordable to me
  7. If he says yes about the SDF-1 Saburo, we can fly down to Manilla together and get some awesome lechon and balut!
  8. I had a bunch of these but they had a ton of problems listed by everyone here. I sold it at $10 a piece just to get rid of them.
  9. Easy pass for me since I have the Yamato version too, though getting a new Valkyrie is always fun to get. I am running out of space.
  10. My NY 2 pack was wrapped very well! Thanks again Loop for the Alto armor now I can display it next to Ozma with armor
  11. I got mine in the mail today. Great pics Saburo!!!
  12. The ETA of my Valkyries were pushed back from today to next Monday
  13. Lol I will accept my fate if buying them all
  14. I might do the regults Spartans or even the monster but no 1/100 valks for me! ........at least I hope not?
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