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  1. VTOL Tornado Backpack gang Sliding. Woohoo!
  2. When it comes to painting, less is more. Keep it original and simple.
  3. It depends. I think I have too much toys and too little space.
  4. Played with my 0A and 0D today. Let's sway. The unicorns
  5. Mine arrived today. Head laser also pointing to the right. No biggie. I love this better than the 0D.
  6. Got shipping notification from NY as well. Will be here this friday. Can't wait!
  7. Yup. Custom sculpted head by Kai Studio and it was their last piece. I am waiting for the blue jeans and black converse sneakers. The body is a modified Play Toy figure. The big ass and boobs have been removed and the legs shortened. Joel will be next. Iminime used to sell a set of Joel and Ellie for $900.
  8. I wanted to but maybe I'll get him later. I would love if they can come up with the other characters like ghost Kerrigan or Nova and Zeratul. Light up and let's burn some zergs.
  9. That's Jim Raynor from Starcraft 2. Iron Man movie stole Starcraft armor up sequence in their movie. The armor actually lights up. https://youtu.be/xA9hQx-SJ5Y
  10. Waited for this guy for over a year. Best of my collection so far. A bonus pic for the upcoming movie. "Tell me. Do you bleed? You will!"
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