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Arcadia 1/60 VE-1 Elintseeker Premium Finish

Shizuka the Cat

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I'm still scratching my head how this was announced out of nowhere absolutely 100% totally unexpected, not sure if Arcadia want's to steal some of the momentum Bandai has with the recent Macross figures.

 Now how about a surprising announcement of the YF 21 PF  in the next  following months Arcadia? ;)   

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34 minutes ago, Lolicon said:

Ah glad to see it's a general release and not a web exclusive. 

Got one from Amazon. Love the fast, cheap shipping. And don't forget that Amazon will price match. 

Not quite sure, but I believe this is the first ever PF offered by amz-jp direct?

Don't recall ever seeing any of the previous PFs from other than the usual marketplace/3rd-party scalpers  sellers over at amz-jp.



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2 hours ago, Sildani said:

A worse box. 

Oh. So. True. ^_^ 

14 minutes ago, 505thAirborne said:

This is great news! B))

Now not to jump the gun but does that mean that a VT-1 might be coming as well....? 

I have a feeling that would be the case since Arcadia's reissuing the expensive VF-1 Valks in secondary market. ;)



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2 minutes ago, RIBFIR said:

Fantastic news! I was so close to picking up the yamato version off ebay just a few days ago.

You're not getting the $1100+ one, right? For that price, you can get 5 Premium Finish version. ;) 


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Yaaaay! Finally! I'm so glad I held out from buying the HMR Elintseeker! Locked and loaded at NY!

Great time to be an Elint fan, what with Chuck's VF-31E's pre-order coming around the corner!

Now release the 1/60 VT-1 Super Ostrich too Arcadia!

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I'm assuming that along with the premium finish, this Elintseeker will come with all of the latest improvements? I.e. the better engineered shoulders, et al?

Wouldn't mind getting a cheaper non-premium version either, but if this is all they got, I'm still getting it. I waited way too long for this to be re-released.

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The shoulders never needed to be engineered, Yamato blamed the fragile shoulders on certain releases on a manufacturing flaw (everybody blames the factory right?). By the time the first VE-1 came out this had been resolved so you shouldn't have anything to worry about there. 

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That's good to hear Jenius! I remember reading somewhere that the Yamato releases of the VE-1 and the VT-1 had the shoulder problems.

Also, looking at the product pics, it seems Arcadia is not including the side covers for this release. Maybe its in the product description. I have yet to read through Arcadia's product page details.

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