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  1. Summer Time Rendering was a show that ended up in the 'Disney+ jail' where it was available internationally on Disney+ but nowhere in the US. Eventually it was added to Hulu in the US rather than Disney+. There wasn't any censorship I noticed as opposed to the version I acquired from elsewhere.
  2. The fact that a -0D PF re-issue is even on his mind is fantastic. Hopefully it will happen eventually. I won't sleep on it this time if it does.
  3. They've had a store for a while, which apparently was infamous for poor packaging practices. The Robotech soundtrack CD set I bought from them a couple years ago (please don't judge too much) was pretty hard for my CD drive to read, so maybe the rumors are true, or maybe Harmony Gold isn't big on quality control. Last year they completed their merger with RightStuf, who they had bought earlier. Apparently they are keeping RightStuf's facility open and staff on board (or so they claimed), and had promised in a FAQ that this wouldn't lead to worse shipping practices for customers coming over from RightStuf. I've had a few grandfathered RightStuf pre-orders that came from the new Crunchyroll Store, and the items were packed as well as RightStuf items always were in the past, so fingers crossed that they don't smother what made RightStuf good.
  4. Has anyone who placed a stateside pre-order not received their VF-0D yet? I pre-ordered from Galactic Toys and Games. I reached out to them via e-mail and they said they were still expecting the figure but they did not have an ETA. They did say they'd be willing to provide a refund. I see it's in stock at Amazon and other places, but for more than I paid. I actually ordered a bunch of modeling supplies from them near the end of last year and they all were delivered, so it's not like they're scammers. But I find it odd that they haven't received their VF-0Ds when many other US vendors have.
  5. 15% off at USAGS today with code MLK-15. That works out to $51 on their price of $339.99. https://www.usagundamstore.com/collections/new/products/macross-plus-dx-chogokin-yf-21-guld-goa-bowman-machine I will not add a PG Perfect Strike pre-order, I will not add a PG Perfect Strike pre-order, I will not add a PG Perfect Strike pre-order...
  6. If you're signed up for e-mails and wait a week or two, there will probably be a sale for 10-15% off that works on pre-orders in that time. They put the discount code in the e-mail. Once they even did a 20% off Macross deal that worked on pre-orders too.
  7. https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/macross-hg-1-100-vf-19-kai-fire-valkyrie-sound-booster-equipped-1-100-scale-model-kit
  8. ^^^ $250 is a good price from what appears to be a domestic seller. Amazon @ $280 BBTS @ $295 USA Gundam Store @ $280 (This store periodically has 10/15/20% off coupons, some that apply to pre-orders and some that don't).
  9. I just find it really suspicious that none of these western home video releases has progressed to the point of having a firm date or being able to take pre-orders. Macross II was the one that seemed like it might materialize first. At Otakon, which was at the end of July, Robert was telling people "days, not weeks" and also "by the end of August", so it would have been great to see the dam finally break. I genuinely do hope it's some cool new thing they found they'd be able to include rather than some behind-the-scenes licensing drama that's been keeping the lid on these releases, many of which were announced over a year ago at this point.
  10. I wish this is something we could know before we're asked to drop $200 to $300 on it. I've gone back and forth on selling my 171EX, so I may just retrobrite my current copy rather than shelling out for this.
  11. Am I the only one who bought domestic?
  12. Notice that "Fall 2023" has not been corrected. If another VF-0D was coming this fall, they would have had to announce it by now.
  13. They (BIGWEST) asked their licensees if they wanted anything to be announced at Otakon. They said not all of them got back to them. Animeigo said that the Macross II kickstarter is "days, not weeks" away (but also said end of August...?). Macross Plus was touched on, still no firm date beyond what was in the slides above. Nozomi (who has Frontier and Delta) could not or did not prepare a response in time for the panel, apparently. They were not mentioned by name but I assume they were included in "all our licensees". I also found it interesting that Macross Delta episodes 1 and 4 (not 1-4, as I initially misread) were being screened in one of the video rooms. The BIGWEST guy said "there's a reason for that." I overheard a fellow fan in an autograph line say that it's probably because things had come together a bit more by 4, but weren't there scenes with VF-1 trainers in some of the early Delta episodes? And doesn't Frontier have a big ol' VF-1 on the roof of the school? I have to wonder if everyone's favorite company is still causing problems. And that reminds me, the guy at the Animeigo panel said he wanted to name the deluxe edition of Macross II the Harmonious Edition, but someone had to point out to him (prior to the panel, not in real time) why that name might not go over well.
  14. So I watched this a few weeks ago, and something about the way it ended really bugged me, more for out-of-story reasons than anything else. Spoilers here for Frontier and the Frontier movies too.
  15. Looks like it's the Japanese release of Mac0
  16. You could have tagged me, I already took a better picture of that shelf last night - not sure if it has all the detail you need though.
  17. Does this re-ignite any coloring debates?
  18. Hey now, upskirt photos was one of those things specifically mentioned as not allowed at Otakon. The staff would kick me out and Guld would call the police on me.
  19. That back angle photo is bugging me now that I'm looking at it on something other than my phone screen. I'll re-take it with proper focus tomorrow. Let me know if there is anything else you would like focus on.
  20. Photos from multiple angles, in case there are differences
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