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  1. Whatever this is just makes me wish for an HGAC Aries.
  2. The swappable chestplate idea would work for DYRL Valkyries but not much else - just like the decals Yamato included with the unpainted Valkyrie. Wouldn't work for CF, M&M, TV Max & Kaki, or even this recent Angel Birds release.
  3. You're right, my bad! It just doesn't show the tax when you order something to pile of loot - which makes sense, because they don't know how much tax to charge until you decide where to ship it. Updated my post.
  4. Exactly. It's been 3/4 of a year since Big West announced four shows were getting US home video releases. Problem one is that these releases are all still MIA. Problem two is that, in 2023, the people who are going to buy your blu-rays are people who have already seen your show. You're not going to get as many new viewers in this day and age with only a home video release, not when everyone is subscribed to one or more streaming services with new shows for them to discover. Nozomi probably wouldn't have liked it, but they should have negotiated a simultaneous streaming release. And even then, there's more inertia marketing needs to overcome with shows that old. EDIT: Here's a US retailer offering the VF-0D for 30 whole dollars less than BBTS: https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/macross-zero-hi-metal-r-vf-0d-phoenix-shin-kudo-use EDIT2: Speaking of Nozomi, here's a US retailer offering it for $4 less than that: https://www.rightstufanime.com/VF-0D-Phoenix-Shin-Kudo-Use-Ver-Macross-Zero-Hi-Metal-R-Action-Figure EDIT3: Here's one for $135 (that's $45 less than BBTS for anyone still counting): https://galactictoys.com/products/pre-order-october-2023-bandai-macross-zero-hi-metal-r-vf-0d-phoenix-shin-kudo-use-action-figure?variant=40318816485457 BBTS has that cheap $4 shipping, which is a lot less than the other stores - but even with that advantage, Galactic Toys is almost $50 less than BBTS.
  5. Remember when that was what we paid for 1/48 and 1/60 scale Valkyries? EDIT: And that was for perfect transformation, these are parts-formers.
  6. I really, really don't feel like making myself rewatch S1 to verify the veracity of this, but the Memory Alpha wiki records these events a bit differently: It seems, as far as PIC tells it, the Romulans wanted the help, a decent amount of the Federation was onboard, and all was going swimmingly until the ZV nutjobs doomed untold millions of their own people in a play to get the Federation to ban Synths. (They probably could have gotten the exact same result if they'd done the same attack after the fleet had launched and saved a bunch of Romulans, but what do I know?) It sounds like the attack was part excuse to cave to the isolationist faction and back out of an unpopular commitment to help an enemy, and part logistical necessity/nightmare (I assume that Starfleet absolutely still could have helped, but without the purpose-built ships it would have been less effectual and would have weakened defensive and scientific efforts elsewhere). Picard, being very much of the do-the-right-thing-even-if-it-hurts-us mold, was understandably incensed by this. This is the same ground tread by ST VI, but nuTrek being nuTrek, everything has to fall apart in such a way as to cause maximal misery and angst for our cast. IMO, the Starfleet of the prior series would have still given Picard at least a ship, maybe a few. The Picard of the prior series, for his part, would be upset that Starfleet wasn't doing more, but he'd never pass up the opportunity to use his position to do good in order to make a political statement. The thing that makes even less sense to me is, if you wiki-walk your way first to the Romulan Star Empire, and then to the Romulan Free State, it's claimed that relations between the Romulan Free State and the Federation ended up being more friendly? This is after the Federation very publicly went back on a commitment to help? Very forgiving of the survivors, I guess. And yes, I agree that the Romulan Star Empire should have been able to handle the task of evacuation and recovery mostly on their own. Writers of both eras often made the mistake of forgetting that both the Romulan and Klingon empires would have had numerous subject races, but it's rare you hear about anything other than colonies. Yes, but we haven't heard about how his wife was mentally and physically abusive or died tragically or is actually Amanda Plummer wearing a rubber mask, or something. Merely running a shipyard is not sufficiently miserable and angsty.
  7. This season seems to be better than the prior one so far, which isn't saying much. But the absolute worst part of the most recent episode is the way that someone on the bridge asked "What just happened?" in reaction to a very simple action sequence that the audience just saw clearly. And a bunch of the other bad things branch off of this like a tree of mediocrity: EDIT: It's worse than that:
  8. This is a gift to people still holding on to supers and armor for the AX and trying to sell them on eBay. At least the Alto reissue came with the supers, but it's still on you to get the armor and tornado if you're into that sort of thing.
  9. It's not hard to imagine how we get from where we are now to her being the leader of the Rebellion. If you are some regular, non-psychotic Joe off the street that wants to join a galactic insurgency, are you going to join the one led by a terrorist shopkeep who wants you to be miserable (so you'll join his rebellion), or the Senator who very vocally opposed the Emperor's excesses? A political leader for a political movement. This could even be a feature rather than a bug. Imagine for a moment, one or two big happenings from now, Luthen finds that more and more of the network he painstakingly built over years prefers to answer to Mon rather than him. Is that not the sort of situation drama is made from? Even if none of what I've suggested comes to fruition, she's still less of a waste of time than the rent-a-cop loser.
  10. I, on the other hand, have been having a blast with this show. I tuned in to some Reddit-hive-mind-guided speculation in the discussion threads over there, and while it felt like I was spoiling myself on future plot points, I'm hyped to see what is coming if they are right. There were a few details in the latest episode that suggest the show might be taking a sharp turn soon. I don't recommend you read up on the speculation if you are at all averse to the idea of spoilers. As for some characters getting away with things they came down hard on the protagonist for - consider the context. Some country bumpkin came out of nowhere and dethroned the reigning ace of a battle school. That position came with the promise of a very significant prize, so of course they are going to call it out as cheating. Anything to keep from handing over the prize to someone who isn't part of their insular little club, who is 'supposed' to have a chance at winning. Then when someone from inside the 'club' does the same thing (but actually leaving evidence this time), consider the context. The first time, he's beating up on a failed scion who was banned from dueling in the first place in what is no longer an upset. The loser's family isn't going to want to draw more attention to this, when they can just punish Guel instead. Second time? Trying to crush said bumpkin. I think everyone involved would be more comfortable if the prize was kept in the 'right' families. Every one of these families is doing incredibly unethical things to get ahead, be they forced child marriage, assassination of heads of state, using disposable pilots. And that's just how they treat each other, let alone all the oppression of Earthlings going on. Of course they're cheating. They all are. All in all seems pretty decent so far. But a strong start doesn't guarantee you'll end well. Can't tell if it's a Code Geass or an Aldnoah Zero until after it's over. I'll just try to enjoy the journey.
  11. Filler, especially in a community based around an anime like ours, has a very specific definition: anime-original content that was added by the animators so that the source material could catch up (or for other, similar, often production-related reasons). By definition, it has to have no consequences to the ongoing plot. It just bugs me when people use 'filler' to mean 'I didn't like this' or 'this bored me' when talking about an original work.
  12. I already have the first release, and I'll probably give in and double-dip on the promised upcoming NA release. No interest in a triple-dip. All those years ago I figured I'd mux in the best of the fansubs with a raw rip of my physical copy, and I never got around to it.
  13. The episode was good. But one thing I really appreciate about it was the TIE fighter hangar. They didn't have fold-up wings (which weren't canon prior to Disney), they hadn't been landed on their solar panels (also not canon prior to Disney), they didn't invent some new third landing method with super-long landing gear. They were held in a rack and dropped into flight, as they were always meant to. Bravo!
  14. Why should that be surprising they're on the list? I know there was a bit of a rough patch with those DX VF-1 movie supers, but they came through it okay, didn't they? Doesn't anyone remember how they were the only ones delivering Kairos stock, months after the other retailers had cancelled everyone's pre-orders and resold their stock at the scalper prices? PO madness being what it is these days, I have a feeling half the members here grit their teeth and placed an order once they missed out at HLJ and Ami-Ami trying to pre-order this latest reissue of the VF-25F. They're just ashamed to admit they're paying the mark-up. Which wasn't even that bad this time, I might add!
  15. My Nin-Nin order with EMS ended up being only $10 less than BBTS, but that's because I accidentally ordered in USD and Nin-Nin hit me with a $10 "exchange charge".
  16. RightStuf has it, $271.99 https://www.rightstufanime.com/VF-25F-Super-Messiah-Valkyrie-Alto-Saotome-Custom-Revival-Ver-Macross-Frontier-DX-Chogokin-Figure
  17. BBTS is about $10 more (before tax) than my Nin-Nin order with EMS, thanks to that $10.53 "exchange fee". I have a ticket in to see if I can re-pay in JPY without losing my place in line, wonder if that will get anywhere...
  18. That's good - but now I'm struggling even more to see how they're going to drag the rent-a-cop through more arcs. That sounds impressive, but someone without much knowledge of US economics and demographics might be impressed if I tell them I'm going to steal the Federal government's entire quarterly payroll for North Dakota (when other states or even cities would be comparatively much more impressive targets). As a casual viewer and student of some of the good parts of a now-defunct EU, I have no idea exactly how big a deal that's supposed to be. But if it's only one of four stories we're getting this season (and thus two remaining), I tentatively withdraw my complaint, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord Walder's ISB gets pulled into the mix.
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