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Hi-Metal R


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Question for those with experience shopping in Tokyo, Im in shinjuku right now on vacation, and labit has max for 7310 yen, assuming before tax. Is that the cheapest it gets buying it here?

That price isn't bad. The cheapest I paid was 7180 yen.

Right on. I had the same thought, but was not aware the original Hi Metal pilots could be removed? And I don't have quite as many spare CF pilots as you do... :)

Here's hoping Bandai will release a VF-1S TV version with both Roy and Hikaru pilots.

Yeah the HM pilots are glued in with a peg in the seat that the pilots sit on. :/ If you budge the pilot enough he can be removed. That would be cool if they released a white HMR TV VF-1S with Hikaru and Roy pilots, new VF-1S head with ball joint and neck connector, and Fast Packs.

How much did you guys pay for shipping?

For 2 of mine I paid 1100 yen and 1390 yen.

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VT-1 and VE-1 would be nice. I'm also hoping to see the full group of VF-1A's from DYRL, so I can put them together with Roy's VF-1S.

Besides those, I'm hoping to see some of the non-transformable mecha like more of the SDF destroids and the Queadluun-Rau and Nousjadeul-Ger.

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That's where I got mine. Thanks to the seller for not price gouging. I'll definitely be leaving him positive feedback.

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Anyone know how much shipping to the US is, for N-Y vs BigInJapan? (Thinking about preordering Milia)


1x = 1640, 2x = 2540, 3x = 3930 for small packet register (around 2-3 weeks)

1x = 2720, 2x = 4500, 3x = 5900 (EMS)


1x = 1690,

1x = 3300, 2x = 5200, 3x = 6600 (EMS)

1x = 2700, 2x = 3300, 3x = 4500 (Fedex Economy 1week) (BEST option when you buy from biginjapan)

Since we already saw the packaging layout for Max, we can assume that the layout for Milia should be the the same, just that she will have a extra brown box for being a Web Exclusive (the brown box will add about 225gram to the total weight.)

the main factor to consider is with N-Y they haven't been honoring their shipping quote for a while. so you might get an extra invoice near item release date.

Biginjapan for me, seems to honor their shipping quote no matter how ridiculous it is. (2 Metal Build Destiny Full package and 1 MB Destiny Wol all for 5600 yen by Fedex)

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Is the neck on the TV 1J's longer than the GBP version?

not that i noted, but the 1j comes with a neck cover, to fill the gap and look more complete, maybe that gives the ilusion of a shorted neck.

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