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  1. I never thought this day would come. Finally no more Preorder madness and bluray of the animes!
  2. noooooooooooooooo i missed the PO
  3. i got mine shipped! got tracking earlier today.
  4. you should send an email asking for yours, i did on friday and today i got preparation in progress
  5. Finally got my 31A on the way. Sent an email to NY on Friday after I saw a post of another member showed his preparation in progress and I noted that my order was earlier than him and had an earlier order number. I got a reply with the preparation in progress today.
  6. nice 300 orders more till mine is.
  7. i cant believe what am i reading. spanner dont sell your stuff!
  8. hlj cancelled my preorder of of the vf-19, among 2 other items . damn now to hunt it again.
  9. i hope NY will eventually fulfill the kairos release. i dont have the energy to look around for it, same with the 31S
  10. or how many will be spanner be hogging
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