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  1. I never thought this day would come. Finally no more Preorder madness and bluray of the animes!
  2. noooooooooooooooo i missed the PO
  3. you should send an email asking for yours, i did on friday and today i got preparation in progress
  4. Finally got my 31A on the way. Sent an email to NY on Friday after I saw a post of another member showed his preparation in progress and I noted that my order was earlier than him and had an earlier order number. I got a reply with the preparation in progress today.
  5. hlj cancelled my preorder of of the vf-19, among 2 other items . damn now to hunt it again.
  6. i hope NY will eventually fulfill the kairos release. i dont have the energy to look around for it, same with the 31S
  7. that would be me! hehe being after this valk for a while.
  8. My first Marquette IRON STUDIOS AGE OF ULTRON 1/6 IRON MAN
  9. Mr Bomber

    Hi-Metal R

    Same here, forgot about it until I read the previous post. Paid now.
  10. This 2 guys Arribes yesteeday. Awesome toys! I like them a lot
  11. What about Mylenes and Rays valks? My Fire Valk feels lonely in te shelf.
  12. You can even cancel whe payment request its sent, just need to ask nicely and in my case i gave a valid reason.
  13. damn 16k yen ems to my country on NY. i PO on HLJ and i hope it will be lower. oh crap, if it goes over 400 hundred ill pay taxes.
  14. So there was a time before the mighty VF-1 V2 sucked
  15. Happened to me once, just when is started buying from them. I bought an Arcadia VF-1J anny and it wasnt on stock after i paid. They gave me credit for it and 20% off coupon. I cancelled all my preorders and ordered again with this code. Saved lots of money, one of my preorders was the upcoming VF-0A.
  16. The series is awesome and it was a big deal here in south america in tbe 90s before dragon ball came. The line its pretty big and most of time its sold out. You should watch it again then. Today i read netflix its doing a cgi remake of the first arc.
  17. Most parts are metal with gold painting. I think thats why it keeps its shine over time. Ive seen some over 5 years ago unpacked and looks pristine.
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