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  1. Sent a PM, ready to buy some valks!

  2. let me know if they cancel...ready to pull the trigger.


  3. I have used the Bob Smith 2-part epoxy (use the 15 or 30 minute stuff) on a broken hard point. Much stronger bond than superglue in my opinion (I also use it on amateur rockets). The repaired hard point has held up just fine, and the valk is the one I keep at the office and change around often. I agree that you should carefully drill out the snapped off post inside the other hard point - use a drill bit slightly smaller than the piece you are drilling out.
  4. Definite no for me. I'll use my funds for something I want, like a Yamato V2 VT-1 even if it is horribly expensive on the secondary market. Complete disappointment in this release.
  5. What I would love for the special release is a pair of hands to recreate Hikaru's salute right before he makes his strike run on Boldoza. I keep wanting to sculpt a set, but haven't had time.
  6. My main bike is a 429SL with Derby rims and Onyx hubs that I splurged on last year. Put about 3000 miles on her already. Her name is Michelle. You will love the Pivot.
  7. With multiple sellers on a listing, you can sometimes see prices fluctuate quite a bit. One seller might have it for much less than others. If they sell their only copy, the lowest price available jumps. And sometimes a used or collectible version of the item is offered, and those can be much less than the new copies offered. I've learned to pay attention to the seller's history (length of time and rating) if I'm hunting for something.
  8. It looks like the seller is going to resolve this the correct way. They sent me a prepaid return label and will send the correct 1/60 once the return arrives back at their store. Hopefully the listing gets fixed to avoid any possibility of this in the future.
  9. Multiple sellers use this listing. An edit is probably difficult to have approved. Great spot on the product dimensions. Amazon does have great buyer protection, so I should be able to get this solved. Another find: the seller is also listed under another spot that is for a 1/48 VF-1A Max. It is against Amazon policy to have the same item under multiple listings - to prevent buyer confusion.
  10. Wanted to ask the community to verify what I am seeing on an Amazon.com listing: https://www.amazon.com/Yamato-VF-1A/dp/B001QTWSPY The pictures are of a Yamato V2 1/60 VF-1A Max, at least that is my belief. No indication of movable flaps, canopy appears tinted, no airbrake, and the proportions are a V2 1/60. The reason this comes up is that the seller shipped a 1/48, and appears to believe that they are OK in doing so because the "VF-1A" title is ambiguous. They do not want to accept the return. I've also pointed out to them that the Q&A section has two answers, both of which indicate a 1/60 V2. Hopefully to fix the root issue, I did submit an incorrect product report to Amazon that the title should be changed (and gave them the correct information). That's unlikely to change, but I did try.
  11. Not sure of the full name, but the initials are F.N.G. I kid. Looking at the sticker sheet, there are several. These appear to be all of them: R. Fokker H. Ichijo M. Jenius H. Kakizaki Fallyna Warmaker These are tiny, and very hard to read, so I may have some letters off. Being white letters didn't help either. Even using an iPad camera on max magnification didn't help enough. I needed a magnifying glass.
  12. AndrewB

    Hi-Metal R

    My VF-1S Roy's shoulders are scary tight. The VF-1A CF feels perfect.
  13. I did quite a bit of working with it and did get it to shut flush, but couldn't reproduce that every time. I also left it overnight and the shut doors popped back to the skewed position.
  14. AndrewB

    Hi-Metal R

    I have a son who loves Max's VF-1J paint scheme. All of these posts are not helping. Looks like I need to find him one for Christmas.
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