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  1. Update and added Yamato VF-1S Low Visibility Roy.
  2. Updated and sold items removed. Added Arcadia Max and Miria.
  3. RIBFIR, sorry on that. Just sent you a reply. Dad with 3 kids and the boys were doing Boy Scouts Klondike this weekend, so it was pretty busy. This is the one I keep second guessing. It's a different color scheme and I just love the look. But haven't been displaying it in my current case, so that's why I have it here. Probably going to take it off the list to make sure I want to let her go.
  4. Sent a PM, ready to buy some valks!

  5. let me know if they cancel...ready to pull the trigger.


  6. They had been opened to be looked over for perhaps 10-15 minutes and then put back into their boxes. Both are currently pending payment.
  7. Apologies to a few people who had messaged me about these over a month ago. Got busy with work and kids and just wasn't visiting the site. I have updated the thread and it is current. I should be checking in regularly.
  8. Trying to pare down my collection. All are complete with no known defects (unless noted in the description). Nonsmoking adult collector and if out of the box they were displayed in a glass case. Yamato VF-1S Roy Low Visibility. Very good condition. Stickers not applied. Box shows some minor shelfwear, really along the edges. $400. Yamato V2 VF-1A Hikaru with Super and Strike. Both shoulders are cracked at the pins, please see photos. Stickers not applied. Sold. Arcadia Max VF-1J Super. Displayed in a glass case with super parts. Stickers not applied. Box in excellent shape. I think I only transformed this to guardian once. $190. Arcadia Miria VF-1J Super. Displayed in a glass case with super parts on a Yeti stand. Stickers not applied. Box in excellent shape. I think I only transformed this to guardian once. $190. Two Hasegawa Macross VF-1 Super/Strike Valkyrie 1/72 Scale Kits. 1 has the plastic bags opened. The other the bags are still sealed. $15 each or $25 both. Prices do not include shipping. If using Paypal as goods, just add 3%. I will make a deal if purchasing multiple items. Otherwise, prices are firm.
  9. Updated with sold items and added VF-1J Max and Miria and Regult.
  10. I have used the Bob Smith 2-part epoxy (use the 15 or 30 minute stuff) on a broken hard point. Much stronger bond than superglue in my opinion (I also use it on amateur rockets). The repaired hard point has held up just fine, and the valk is the one I keep at the office and change around often. I agree that you should carefully drill out the snapped off post inside the other hard point - use a drill bit slightly smaller than the piece you are drilling out.
  11. Parting with the following, all prices shipped US., PayPal add 3% if marked as goods. All are opened and were displayed in a glass case, except the Hikaru VF-1J, which is unopened. The only one that does not appear like new to me is the VE-1, due to the rainbow canopy crinkle. Smoke-free home. I don't normally do international shipping. Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Max: $100 Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Miria: $115 SOLD Mi-Metal R Regult: $125 SOLD Tiny ding in the box at top center front, about fingertip sized. Yamato VE-1: Sold The rainbow canopy is showing very minor crinkling. Hi-Metal R VF-1A Super Valkyrie: Sold I opened it to check and it has the correct leg armor pieces. Hi-Metal R VF-1S Strike, Roy Focker with Stand: Sold Hi-Metal R VF-1J Hikaru: Sold Hi-Metal R VF-1A Mass Production: Sold
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