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  1. Best neca line since pacific rim so far, imho.
  2. Until they announce a VT & VE lol!
  3. Mad, mad skills son! I cosign everything already said about this build.
  4. No Houquet? That's who they should've STARTED with!
  5. M&M cockpits @ 1:07... and here I thought I was thru with cockpits. Gotta think hard about this one.
  6. Ok I can see that lol. No, that's my little Aldi Bauhn power bank I've had for years. You need an external USB enabled power source for the lighting effects.
  7. Non-existent. There are no sound modules, speakers, or any type of onboard audio to be found here. But if LED's are your thing then this should definitely suffice.
  8. Word to the wise; this is a display piece, and you'd better be gentle as all get out, or risk breaking your almost $500.00 collectible... just saying. Points of EXTREME concern: The canopy is attached with a thin piece of plastic that may be prone to warping over time. It does not appear to be removable. That may be a feature that will debut with the VF-1S. The tension/resistance on that canopy hinge is practically nil. You feel just the slightest bit of grip, but not enough to hold anything in place. You have 2 options for display afaik; canopy fully opened, or completely closed. Also my canopy is very gappy. Don't really know how to fix this, but it's not to bothersome to me. And now the stand/base... I absolutely don't like what they went with here. The stickers are garrish, and the stability is questionable at best. Be careful when posing this thing also. I suggest you don't choose too aggressive an angle on the adjustable connector; unless you want to send this thing tumbling God forbid! This is polystone construction, and will look like a hot mess if you break it. Other than the above rant, I love this thing! I really do!
  9. Here's some pics I just took of this cockpit w/Rick/Hikaru...
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