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  1. I've seen those too on eBay, but they're not branded on the bottle like the real deal is. Better try something that cheap on a figure you no longer care about. Might be a formula that eats the bejesus outta your figures.
  2. Ok, I'm awake now. Hope a VE-1 follows that also. I'll be keeping my on you JRdesigns 🧐
  3. And both have my money for product I'm still waiting for, but have seen reviewed by others on YouTube.
  4. "Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell, 'more human than human' our motto." Nothing the God of bio-mechanics wouldn't let him in heaven for. What a great actor. May you rest gracefully sir.
  5. It'll take a 1/60 Monster to 'complete' the entire line from Arcadia...yeah right.
  6. Leg day should include the calves, right?
  7. Please outsource your Claudia for the love of Pete! That needs some fine tuning galore. The only reason I was able to identify was the clothing.
  8. A lot of my heroes are leaving this plane of existence. Thank you for all of the inspiration you gave me, and may you arrive home safely and begin a new portfolio sir.
  9. Will there be a Milia version to follow this Max? I know somebody on here knows the answer to this.
  10. Best neca line since pacific rim so far, imho.
  11. Until they announce a VT & VE lol!
  12. Mad, mad skills son! I cosign everything already said about this build.
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