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  1. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    May Garland shoulder joint just broke off after staring at it. My VF1S DYRL (shoulder buster....Graham sent me replacement parts) connecting port below the cockpit won't lock in anymore. So 2x is enough for me. My Quadlum Rao(re-issue) and VF-0S Phoenix no issues so kind of an even score but soured my views on Yamato Macross mecha.
  2. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Yamato is the runt of the pack!
  3. DHL or the vendor? Never had an issue with my DHL delivers concerning box damage. As for Amazon, that's another story. Fyi, my GBP shipped by DHL within a day from Japan from Hobbysearch. No damage at all.
  4. I believe the issue is with DHL and not amiami.
  5. Now when is Bandai gonna finish theirs? In HMR size that is.
  6. Just arrived today. So, is Bandai going for the GBP armor separate release next?😅
  7. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Hobbysearch and Hlj had their stock sold out yesterday. They were 1 day in advance of amiami. I was gunning for the RX-79 G(EZ-8), SH Figurarts Anya and the VF-0S and I thank the Ctrl F5 gods for allowing me to successful PO at least 1 of the 3, the VF0S
  8. Just a headsup folks! Those bumps that line up the chest thrusters in SDF-1 attack mode, well, it seems Arcadia scrimped on the adhesives and just attached them depending on friction or tightness of the pegs. Why so? One of mine just fell off. And nope, never put any stress or friction on them. And they are effin small and black that I counted my blessings that I found the one that just fell off.😥
  9. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-0S even in 1/100 would be towering the current 1/100 VF1-S!😍
  10. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Does this scale with the HMR Valkyries? Iirc they are 1/100. Is this 1/100 too?
  11. You beat me to it! Prepare for teeth gnashing and head bashing. Seriously, Bandai is mass releasing this and good! The stand alone armor is like special route order.
  12. @Checkmate and Technoblue Thanks! And that is a relief.
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