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I wish the wings were smaller.

I don't mind them in fighter mode but in battroid mode they do give quite a large 'cape'.

Oh well, I'll still take it.

Or maybe things will get all Transformers-style crazy and yet another company will make a set of shorter wings and a different head. :p

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Yes JM was perfect transformation, since their head are not big like more modern SD Gundam influenced designs.

Old Bandai Joke Machines:



Newer Bandai SD Infinity VF-25F:



The old JM are very similar to 1:55 - nearly identical joints and movement range, legs on swing bars, has retractable landing gears, cannot attach gun in fighter mode. The biggest charm is the rolling canopy/heat shield gimmick.

SD Infinity VF-25F is also perfect transformation, if I remember correctly. It come with two heads - one is bigger for the Battroid mode but it is fine with the smaller head too.

This new 3P VF-1 looks very similar to the SD Infinity. On top of the bubble canopy it also don't have landing gears and come with a stand. Base on this pic from their facebook page, the nose opens up like a Yamato 1:60v2 to lock the middle swing bar.


I am also not seeing any obvious attachment point for fast packs, but there facebook profile art has them so it's still hopeful.

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Looks very much like the original joke machine, but not as fun...

The one thing I enjoyed about the original was how they switched from clear cockpit to shielded cockpit. A very simple thing but quite clever for the day.

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These third party offerings are going to make me want to start collecting more SD stuff beyond the Makuros. I was never really into SD stuff before.

I just hope we can get some non-sd product at some point...

It would be amazing if a 3rd party would tackle some of the rarer/more obscure stuff like Studio Half Eye has done with the Feios, VA-3, and VF-5000. However, not crappy looking like the S.H.E. stuff, but more along the quality of many of the 3P transformer releases. Oh, and 1/60 scale too so it goes along with the Yamato/Arcadia/Bandai releases. We're especially lacking in enemy mecha.

Well, one can dream... :p

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I love the Makuros but I'm not feeling the aesthetics on this one (I'm pretty much a Roy fanatic too). This is similar to the JMs for me and I'm not a fan of those. I'll probably wait for reviews so I may change my mind :/

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