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    Is the VF-1S just a reprint, or is it a new version / engineering?
  2. Question on the Riobot cyclones. Are they fully painted, and is the quality of the paint in terms of staying on the figure fantastic? Also, is there any bits of die cast in them? I have the Riobot Iron Giant, and paint quality / built / die cast are really good. And when joints get loose, i apply Fix Loose Joints, and gets tight again. Wondering how the Cyclones are. I would like other companies trying out. I am thinking something along the scales of Megahouse or Riobot, but maybe without the paint and detachable parts like the 1/100 Bandai HMR line for comparison (ie like the Megahouse), to lower the price, and make material stronger / less prone to breakage. Perfect transformation is not necessary for me .
  3. Thanks guys. So normally i dont transform "much" (well, this not much can be considered ALOT by many). Just in the beginning, i will usually want to do 2 - 3 transformation, then leave it, and maybe transform once every 6 to 12 months (sometimes longer). I never had the Arcadia Macross toys, only the Yamato versions, and i was fine with the 1/48th VF-1, 1/60th VF-0 (v1) / yf-19 / vf19 / yf21 molds, generally anyways. I have also been fine with all my 1/100 bandai VF-1 HMR, though honestly, they havent been transformed much at all... I have transformed my FT toys about 3 - 4 times when getting them, then every few months. The only Riobot figure i currently own is the Iron Giant, which is fantastic, but no transformation. It is just that the choice on acquiring this figure means alot of sacrifice on my end, can only do one, and hoping to do some transformation every few months, but if i cant, i cant, will have to decide which mode i prefer, and it would be rider mode (would have been for the other characters anyways), but it is just that both modes soooo awesome looking in pictures, and cant decide.
  4. So can these Riobot cycles actually transform back and forth without issues? I wouldnt be getting two, and although i might not have cared as much to transform the previous riders into armored mode, i do very much love the look of the armored mode for Houquet. I would probably still very much just like the bike and figure itself though.
  5. Bro.... I want to say i am going to rip out that box and display her as soon as i get it, but... maybe you have a point about keeping it in box, if at time of release she is rare or something and everyone wants her and willing to $$$$$, AND i am in a situation needing $$$$$$$$$.
  6. ok, this was the moment i was waiting for many years (at least 15 years since the project didnt go through for the figure i wanted most).... well, actually, it was to own the Houquet figure. And some long time since Riobot announced their first mospeada figure, i was patiently waiting for Houquet to finally buy the mold. Even skipped the Zeta. So, i got a PO in a HLJ... but man, May 2022, that is 6 months (which will feel like 6 years). I dont know where in life i will be by then... might be bank broke / no home by then... that is an eternity for me. HLJ makes sense to me as i dont have to pay now. The question is, will i actually hold this figure in hand and on my shelf.... who knows, but at least i got to have a PO for it, for now... . zfarsh signing off...
  7. If you had to choose ONLY ONE toy between Riobot Fuke Legioss Zeta or the future Cyclone bike? Which is the potential better ONE toy? Paint / Construction of toy? I dont have any Mospeada figures right now, and i just want one of the two above. The only Riobot figure i have is the Iron Giant, which i love. I am leaning towards the bike, but...
  8. yes, stands are sold out, and i still havent received any pm from you.
  9. yes, has the heat shield, and yes, has a gun but the sticker on it is bad and no ruber part on the gun.
  10. UPDATE: 1) Prices corrected. Mukuros and vf-19 Kai sold. Pilots NOT included. 2) Added Yamato Display Stands Shipping From Ontario Canada. Paypal cost not included. Typical shipping to USA is typically expected to be in the 20 - 35 USD range. If you are not ok with this, then you have not read these instructions before pming me, and i will get MAD!!! NOTE: NO BOX / NO INSTRUCTIONS UNLESS IT SAYS THEY ARE INCLUDED (only VF-19S Blazzer has it). ALSO, ALL ARE OPENED, AND TRANSFORMED. Alright, reasons 4 sale = stupidity -> no space. I Actually love these 4 pieces, but need the space. SALE #1: Yamato 1/60th VF-19S BLAZER WITH BOX and Instructions = 165 USD Includes everything in picture, and original box and instructions. Pilot NOT included SALE #2: Yamato 1/60th YF-19 25th Anniversary = 135 USD Comes with gun /shield / adapter for stand. Pilot NOT included Sale #3: 4x Fext Hobby locker parts as you see in below pictures = 30 USD I am not sure what the 4 numbers on them are anymore. It does NOT include the actual armors ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD SECTION SALE #5: Master Made Makuros = 85 USD SOLD Only as shown but with also adaptor for alt mode to be on stand. No other parts included SALE #1: Yamato 1/60th VF-19 Kai / Fire WITH the stand you see in pic = 175 USD SOLD has a small flex on wing as shown. Pilot NOT included
  11. UPDATE #3: Trash 1 to 4 sold, only Trash # 5 remains and price lowered. UPDATE #2: The Pilots for the YF-19 / VF-1S / VF-0S will NOT be included. Sorry, i forgot to mention this before. UPDATED: Just added some Mospeada lot TRASH too Shipping From Ontario Canada. Paypal cost not included. Typical shipping to USA for total parts less than 75USD is 12.50 USD no insurance/track, and 17.50 USD with insurance and tracking. Comes as is, like TRASH, with everything you see. NO BOX / NO INSTRUCTIONS / NO SHINNY OR PRISTINE INCLUDED, JUST PURE TRASH And a 15$ off if you take all 4 trash from #1 to #4 NEOW!!! TRASH #5: 4x Fext Hobby locker parts as you see in below pictures = 35 USD I am not sure what the 4 numbers on them are anymore. It does NOT include the actual armors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Below is SOLD OUT Trash #1: Broken Down Yellowed Yamada 1/60 YF-19 Double Nuts (Bonus Point -> will include FP / fold parts) = 50 USD SOLD Trash #2 - Yellowed Broken Yamato 1/48 VF-1S = 45 USD. SOLD Head Antenna is broken, but i have a spare which will require opening the head up somehow. The cockpit area is broken down too. Not shown are the 4 boxy missiles, also included. Trash #3 - Yamato 1/48 Custom Crappy Painted FPs = 40 USD SOLD paint chip everywhere. I was young and didnt know wtf i was doing... Trash # 4: Yellowed 1st Release VF-0S... = 60 USD SOLD Has fixed arms though...also, gun and missiles and stand adapter for plane mode included. It's loose... Trash #5: Mospeada Lot Trash = 50 USD SOLD there probably is broken parts, and loose parts. What you see is what you get, and i dont know how to transform back to bikes from what is shown. Original stands not included, or shown.
  12. Hi, Just wondering how the Yamato 1/60 VF-19 (Kai, Blazer, etc..) compare, toy wise (Built, Playability, Engineering), to the latest DX YF-19 from 1/60 Bandai. I dont have any DX 1/60, just the old YF-19 (which sux), and the VF-19 (which are great), so wanting to know how they compare, if it is really worth me looking at one down the line. Also , if the Bandai VF-1 the best macross toy ever made? I already have some 1/48 in Yamato, so not sure i need this.
  13. I love my riobot iron giant I got last week. One of my favorite purchases actually. There is a fantasy jewel upsized ko of it for those wanting bigger and cheap, but I need the small size and higher quality paint of riobot.
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