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  1. If you had to choose ONLY ONE toy between Riobot Fuke Legioss Zeta or the future Cyclone bike? Which is the potential better ONE toy? Paint / Construction of toy? I dont have any Mospeada figures right now, and i just want one of the two above. The only Riobot figure i have is the Iron Giant, which i love. I am leaning towards the bike, but...
  2. yes, stands are sold out, and i still havent received any pm from you.
  3. Hey Arthurius,

    I would like those 2 chrome Yamato display stands.  Will you do $55.00?

    Ready to pull the trigger as soon as you can confirm.


    Thanks in advance,


    1. claude grant

      claude grant

      This was my original post to you.

  4. yes, has the heat shield, and yes, has a gun but the sticker on it is bad and no ruber part on the gun.
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