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  1. Arthurius

    Hi-Metal R

    Ok, i guess i would only be interested in the VF-0S or VF-0A by itself. I wouldnt put the extra armor on it anyways (as i have removed it from my Macross 2). I probably favor the VF-0S over 0A as i like the white on my white shelves, but i love grey too, cant lie... ;). Probably would not be interested in 2 seaters VF-0, just plane old VF-1S and VF-0A, simple, nice in all modes. That said, would have liked the VF-1D 2-seaters Max tv wedding style... Probably dont care about anything else past these 2 series until a +/7, ie YF-19 / YF-21... VF-19 Kai or Blazzer / VF-22 Max or black one Oh, and dont care about anything other than HMR line... I like small Macross bots and i cannot lie
  2. Arthurius

    Hi-Metal R

    1) can someone give me the link for this video of the VF-0S? 2) you guys super excited for an October release? That is like decades away for me... tons of things can happen in between now and then... I cant even think beyond June / July right now.
  3. I would for sure remove the head and pop back on. I would remove anything possible actually, if i know which ones can come off, and repop in. And I dont care for perfect transformation at all, i just want it gone from mode to mode without any hindrance...
  4. Anyways, is she worth transforming? Is it much better looking in cyclone mode then bike? I am currently hesitating transforming my Fuke cyclone from the bikers mode and see it potentially break. I really do like posing her, and even her helmetless head looks okay to me now. I know i paid twice a figma figure that doesnt transform, but... it is a pretty nice "figma" figure nonetheless ;). Maybe i need to see more videos of her in cyclone mode before i make up my mind, and i have a feeling if I do transform her, i may want to keep it that way, though then i wont be able to re-use the helmetless head anymore which has also it's charm, and will need the stand. Finally, anyone else have trouble with the stand for the bike itself? The port on the bottom of the bike doesnt work for me to fit with port of the stand, but it does fit with the figure itself to hold her for flying mode... Not sure i am doing something wrong.
  5. Personally I dislike seing the comments such as "you dont like it, dont buy it"... and yes, it is INSULTING towards the other purchasers that read it.
  6. fantastic job Mog, wow, truly amazing.
  7. Got her yesterday, and... Yes she is Pink... but... I still love her aesthetics... Its not perfect for the price, but not that bad either that i have regrets of getting her at all, quite happy actually, but yes, red would have been better. I would still pick it again if having to decide between this version and the black camera girl version when choosing only one. Ideal would have been flat red or flat metallic (sparkly) red. Yes, its not the best facial expression or eyes size on helmetless head... but... I still love her aesthetics with it... it is quite usable still, and happy to at least have the extra head. I may get eye decals if i can find any eventually, not sure where to look, but if not, no biggy, just that i would have liked a more happy and joyful face expression with bigger funny eyes. Yes, its glossy surface vs prefered flat... but... I still love her aesthetics... not perfect at all for the price, but, damn its still very nice. Havent transformed her yet, not sure i will or when i will, just going to enjoy posing and playing in bike mode and using the display stand for a while,, with different head options. It's quite good for posing as is. Not sure how much it will add to transform her, but will decide later.. Still very happy with my purchase, unless i break her while transforming 😛
  8. I am ok with the face with helm, but the one without looks like they took one of the other existing heads from the other riders and just added blonde hair... The test shot look more pristine then the final product. Hopefully just the camera / lighting....
  9. And do i get a prize for paying more than everyone else here? Damn, i paid 186 USD shipped to Canada from HLJ... and that is using Fedex, not even DHL... argg, i dont know why i POed from HLJ all those month ago, maybe easier to cancel, cant remember, but oh well.
  10. Well, only been waiting for 15+ years for this moment... to finally own the Fuke/Rook ride armor, and kinda getting excited. This will probably be my last "super expensive" (over 200USD), and apparently from some of the comments over priced, collectible i ever add to my collection (well, 2022 at least...). Only other toy i own from this company is their Iron Giant, which i LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  11. Same, but trying out Fedex to see how it goes with that method of shipping.
  12. So currently May 2022, huh, ok, good to know that is sort of original expectations, which may get delayed. I have my preorder up with HLJ, but wondering if i should switch to a China located one like Show Z, to avoid Tax / Duty, as i live in Canada. It will probably be a few extra months of wait though...lol. Also, there is mandarake that may have one available at release, and not caring about boxes, that might work for me. Lets see, who knows, i might not be patient by then... I stopped all collection of my 3rd party Transformers until i can get my Hooket, as it was the 1 figure I wanted back when 3 - 4 companies were making these and they almost all stopped when they got to Hooket...
  13. dont mind me, just waiting on news / release of RED Cyclone... been dry for me personally on any purchases of collectible for at least 8 months now, awaiting this one basically... yeah, feels long even for an "ex" plastic addict such as myself
  14. Arthurius

    Hi-Metal R

    Is the VF-1S just a reprint, or is it a new version / engineering?
  15. Question on the Riobot cyclones. Are they fully painted, and is the quality of the paint in terms of staying on the figure fantastic? Also, is there any bits of die cast in them? I have the Riobot Iron Giant, and paint quality / built / die cast are really good. And when joints get loose, i apply Fix Loose Joints, and gets tight again. Wondering how the Cyclones are. I would like other companies trying out. I am thinking something along the scales of Megahouse or Riobot, but maybe without the paint and detachable parts like the 1/100 Bandai HMR line for comparison (ie like the Megahouse), to lower the price, and make material stronger / less prone to breakage. Perfect transformation is not necessary for me .
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