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  1. Yeah I hear you on Bayverse Transformers! I hated the designs they looked like Bionicle to me. However I did like Sidesipe's design but hated the movie Revenge of the Fallen!
  2. The Side Swipe is the LS-08 Corvette Assassin, I'm assuming this is Black Mamba? And yes it is Gigapower Swoop. The scale matches my MP-01 so I'm fine with it Still waiting on the issue with the head antennas to be resolved!
  3. Yes you are correct! Also the packing inside of the box allowed the main box to slide around during transit!! The antenna and parts of the body are made out of a model kit quality plastic instead of more durable ABS. It is an outstanding piece of work however some of the material choices are questionable for that price!
  4. Yeah they had nothing securing the body of the robot in place and also the box that the main box was in didn't have proper packing so the inner box slid around during shipping like a pinball in a pinball machine!
  5. Just received this in the mail today! TW-F09 Freedom Leader Deluxe, unfortunately this is how the head survive the shipping!! Over all the figure is outstanding except this major disappointment. Been waiting for months for this figure, Freakin' Covid!!!
  6. I can dig that! That pose is Boss!! Is the figure in this shot from Dragonar? I've never seen this one!!
  7. Nice Shot of Dragonar! Old school design but still holds up today! Does this toy come with the wings? By the way which toy is this?
  8. Very Nice! The ARMDs look very god as well! I'm still not able to download the files, I wonder if it is because I'm in the USA? Please let me know when and if you have plans to publish the files on another site!
  9. I will try again later today and on Friday. If I have any issues I will let you know. Also are you planning to release the Armed Carriers soon, and where are you located? Also I would only use the resin printer to print mold able parts, then cast the parts in the proper color. Even though I know that would take a lot of effort!
  10. UN_MARINE, the file is not available for purchase and download? Do you know what is wrong with the site?
  11. Nice! I wish I had an resin style printer and mold making abilities! 9 inches tall is a nice size I would like to see it 12 inches tall if electronics were inside. You should consider a way to make this into a kit so that you can be rewarded with all your hard work! Be careful of Etsy, if you upload a Manufacturer in China could steal your design and do a short run, making a fortune off your design! With all that said, this need to be made into a product similar to the 3rd party Transformers!!
  12. This is Awesome Global's Pipe Holder! I don't know how I missed this post?! Everything about this design screams fun and would be cool with Lights & Sound! This compliments the joke machines very well, and I wish Bandai would bring them back! It would be cool if this was a kit that uses ABS with some die-cast so the final assembly would be a more toy / hobby grade product. You could also offer swap-able main cannons, Bridge / Head, Feet, and arms to switch between TV and movie SDF-1's. I would love if this design had an effects sensor in it so while you transform it it would make the sounds effects. Light up thrusters and bridge with sound effects would be cool! How tall is the 3d printed toy in Storm Attacker?
  13. No, no he diseƱado el cuerpo principal SDF-1. ((Translated) No, I haven't designed the main SDF-1 body!)
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