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  1. the only other vf-1's i'd probably want in premium would be *crosses fingers* a vt-1 and ve-1.
  2. ugh. in for one of those premiums. that's a pretty big difference.
  3. i came here to see if someone thought the same thing. looks like i'm keeping my original po. mebbe.
  4. same here. good thing i waited.
  5. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

  6. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

    lulz. those ice cube pics. i die.
  7. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

    i wish bandai made an ice cube figure. it would only be proper having them all throwing up a w.
  8. thanks everyone. found a place for my playmo minmay. top shelf on detolf. sdf-1 with dyrl laserdisc as backdrop.
  9. i hope they go down the line and do max and kaki 1a's.
  10. i can see that i have it on my order list as new order on amiami. but i never got an email confirmation.
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