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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

HMR Macross Zero VF-0S Phoenix


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1 hour ago, Froy said:

So, it is not to scale withe previous VF?

Very close to scale to a VF-1 in Battroid mode.

23 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

Close enough...where are the fighter mode comparisons...

BTW...that Messer scheme VF-1 looks terrible, especially with the non-matching SSP



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9 minutes ago, Shawn said:

So is that big foil sticker the new Big West sticker they put on the boxes for international use?

(IF this is the same box they would use for the WW release)



vs the domestic market

It's on my WWM 25 and Max YF-29 which were purchased from Japanese stores.

Addendum: Looked through a few boxes and that sticker goes all the way back to at least the reissue Alto 29 and 31AX releases, which didn't get the international treatment.

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Paid for shipping for my 2nd VF-0S from HLJ earlier today.  The one that comes in a better condition box from either AE or HLJ will stay MISB.  My 3rd VF-0S that I got from Amazon for cheap will be left in Fighter mode.

Bring on more pics showcasing the HMR VF-0S and VF-1 Battroids scaling better together compared to the Arcadia VF-0S Battroid and Yamato/Arcadia VF-1 Battroid.

8 hours ago, fifbeat said:

Maybe it's a prototype box, but it looks like the box is more of a "rigid" sturdy cardboard box (see the ridges?) , as opposed to the flimsy boxes we usually see with the line:





Yep it looks like a more sturdy box.

7 hours ago, jvmacross said:

The Bandai'd HMR Macross line still looks better proportioned to each release than their Macross DX VF line...thanks to going 1/48 on their VF-1...;)


Battroid modes look good together.  It's a bit of a compromise for length of the VF-0S in Fighter mode but Fighter modes look good together too.

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9 hours ago, MKT said:

From the Twitter link  @seti88 posted above, HMR VF-0 fighter mode is also not that much bigger than the VF-1. No surprises I guess.


Below 1/60 VF-0 & VF-1 comparison:


Somehow HMR cockpits/pilots seem less in scale with each other, compared to the 1/60 cockpit/pilots. Maybe camera angle trickery....


8 hours ago, Convectuoso said:

Thanks for the video, @seti88

No need to thank me, it was bandai's video after all😄:hi:


7 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

Clean underside. :good: 


Ohh translucent wing gimmick! Like a dragonfly!

nice one bandai! 👍:yahoo:

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8 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

If Y14000 conversion today is around US$95-98, how much the shipping from HLJ? BBTS is US$169.99 without shipping and tax.

It was about 155 when I had it in may cart at HLJ.. I was under the impression it was $160 when I pre-ordered on BBTS, Not $169 ( checked last night).  Still not gonna sweat over ~15 bucks and I'll support a US based importer so I can continue to get more Macross in the future.

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11 hours ago, seti88 said:

moar video.


A great first look video :good:

Some thoughts:

1. As some members speculated earlier, the arms are on sliding rails, consistent with rest of Bandai’s VF-1 toys.

2. The landing gears are also an improvement over other HMR VFs in its implementation, although still not perfect transformation.

3. Nice to see integrated shoulder covers for this scale.

4. Unlike its close cousin the HMR VF-1, it’s great that the gun is not a partsformer.

5.  I find it somewhat hilarious the arresting hook is blocked by the gun. This is similar to Arcadia’s mistake in their first VF-0(D) release, but fixed in subsequent VF-0 releases by moving the gun slightly forward to allow full clearance for the hook.

6. It is disappointing the cockpit can’t be opened, but have to be pulled out completely. 

In the HMR VF-1, well perhaps due to its smaller size, visually it might have been arguably better to have partsforming cockpits between modes.

But on this VF-0 with the integrated cockpit shield, there is really no reason to not have a hinge for the cockpit. As per the HMR VF-4, I don’t see why it can’t be done when cockpit hinge was implemented for the VF-2SS.

7. It does have some visual advantage over the larger Arcadia. That rainbow cockpit is looking real pretty, & the larger, fixed posed hands do make for more expressive battroid poses. Arcadia curiously omitted fixed posed hands, so its integrated hands look somewhat small. 

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