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[Netflix] He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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Lol, I'm out.  

Comments turned off, 1.5k likes, 1.2k dislikes at this moment.

Solid pass for me, it looks like....well, let's just say its not for me.


He-Man is dead.

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Kevin Smith said season 2 of Revelation was pretty far in production so it seems unlikely it's been scrapped. I imagine this is the show for the kids while Revelation is the show for the old fans. 

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Lol. Clearly not for me. Which I'm fine with. My kid will probably like it. I've been good with revelations so far. So I'm not butt hurt over this. 

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I must be on the flip side of the coin. I was never into He-Man as a kid, although I was acutely aware of the toys. I didn't own any, but they had distinctive names, looks, and gimmicks that kinda stuck in my brain all these years. So, going into the Netflix show with no preconceptions, I enjoyed it.  But I'm aware there's been a lot of negative reception, so I'm guessing they went left field with it compared to the original show.  If there's a second season, I'll watch it, too.

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On 9/3/2021 at 2:59 PM, Old_Nash said:

new video

You know, what strikes me the most here is how much more they GET He-Man than the show that is a sequel to the actual He-Man.

That transformation sequence is not Generic Magical Girl Henshin #7. It is a thing of power and violence, and while it leans too far towards Hulk(there is a sense of uncontrolled violence to it that rings  false), it still feels like THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE is arriving, not "Genderbent Sailor Moon".

And just as I was getting ready to complain that they forgot the reverb AGAIN, the transformation sequenced finished off with him repeating the final phrase with suitably thick amounts of reverb. They REMEMBERED.




With what they were going for, I'd make some tweaks, but I don't feel like the entire thing is totally off-base.

Mostly, I feel like the timing of certain events is off. I'd have distant thunder when he first unsheathes the sword. The wind and clouds moving in wouldn't happen until after Adam says "Grayskull", as the magic starts to take hold in earnest.


It isn't what I feel is truly an important change, but I'd also add reverb a little bit at a time as he progresses through the words, and have the glowy gold light effect around the sword start dim and suddenly flare up to blindingly bright at the end of the words. This this is a seizing of destiny, the moment Adam stops being a prince and starts being a hero.  I think these minor tweaks would emphasize the importance of what's happening(and make the glowing holographic scroll look less silly).


I'd also change the art style COMPLETELY, but... that's less a minor tweak and more "the show's character design is stupid and ugly".

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I saw a lot of posts on other forums saying it was better than expected, so I at least gave it a shot---and it's not horrible?  I'm certainly interested enough to watch a second ep, and see where it goes.   

Also, David Kaye is in it, so that's an automatic coolness point.   

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