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  1. About the Houquet's Pink Armor, I think I found the main culprit.
  2. Part of me had some thoughts after watching Mospeada and realized that it might be one of the few anime--same with Attack on Titan (being German coded culture with Mikasa being ONLY Asian character) or Gundam (multiethnic future)--where the main characters are non-Japanese (at least not named Japanese with Shinobu being a major exception as only Japanese named character). Though being set around Americas (again, refugees and maybe expatriates before the Inbit Invasion might change the demographics) and Mars being multi-ethnic (you know refugees forced to huddle together) might be one.
  3. Well, possibly due to Kevin Smith, which wouldn't be a high bar. I am not sure if anyone thought up idea of "Skeletor was rightful ruler of Greyskull all along and He Man was a usurper while ignoring canon" *Coughs in Malekith storyline in Warhammer End Times* and applying it. I mean Bardic Podcast use this as a metaphor.
  4. I remember that. Sadly no uniform color or equipment color though. We did see a Mara Base uniform with green jumpsuit in Wolf episode.
  5. Yep, maybe due to recent issues or being in developmental hell. Kinda like Cyberpunk 2077, Watchment movie, or Duke Nukem Forever.
  6. So kinda had topics - Any idea on Mospeada Genesis Breakers, seems to be quiet 2 years after announcement? - Also maybe discussion on how Houqet got her Cyclone (taken from crashsite? Stolen? Maybe initially planned to be Jupiter Base soldier?)
  7. Never would fly well with originalist. Though I do wish for Mospeada though...maybe a reboot or gaiden story (like side story of other soldiers who made it on surface or maybe some worldbuilding). There is Genesis Breakers but no updates for four years as of now.
  8. Well, still wondering about Jupiter Base uniform even though it will be a fan art. I mean I managed to thought up first liberation uniforms due to uniforms from old soldiers, but not much for JB other than Houqet/Rook armor (assuming if she didn't give a new paint or originally intended to be like Stig, except from Jupiter).
  9. Also maybe the director has practice with Dark Angel, which kinda act like Battle Angel prototype. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Angel_(American_TV_series) Complete with "an amnesiac female super soldier in post apocalyptic cyberpunk world".
  10. Inspector97’s new Mospeada fan art of a bridge officer. Most likely before the disaster of 2nd fleet. source: https://www.deviantart.com/inspector97/art/Earthfall-898125862
  11. Yeah, I was wondering since there is not more mentions of it for a year now.
  12. Yeah, no wonder why they call him the king. I mean I am intrigued by his grandeur tone of his space opera, but I am skeptical of MCU Eternals due to late entry and "why they didn't come for Thanos".
  13. I don't know but part of me also feel that they are also capitalizing on Nioh, which also had James Clavell-type story but with William Adams fighting Demons in Fantasy Japan.
  14. So new Mospeada fanarts (Commissioned by Me, Drawn by Inspector97) are up! First one is from Robotech Invasion but in hypothetical skirt uniform for 1st Invasion. Second is Lancer/Yellow from sketch art. Third one is hypothetical skirt variant of 3rd Invasion in Finale episodes.
  15. I think Ed was a girl who is assumed to by a boy due to her youth or her absentminded father. or ethnically ambiguous (Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV being her name....or ). That or the anime should have made "It's Pat" route and screw over the fans, at least not aware of "third gender".
  16. Well, I thought it was acronym for something. They did say it's Hydrogen based fuel.
  17. Well, Yost is writing it. He did good on EMH and New Warriors 2010 run, but the "black hole bomb" idea worries me since Bebop is mundane Sci-fi than over the top.
  18. I guess, Shadowrun knockoff isn't enough then. Except if it was Shadowrun, an average street gang would have a shaman or two with an uzi.
  19. I noticed that as well. Still thanks for the info.
  20. What about the uniforms of bridge crew in first episode and the finale ones?
  21. Well, appreciate for the input. Just that I keep bothered by the various uniforms from Johnathan's Elegy and not sure if there is finalized or idea of unit uniform specs or just random. https://mospeada.fandom.com/wiki/Earth_Liberation_Forces
  22. So i am thinking something. Should I buy Robotech Visual Archive: Mospeada? I mean mostly just for character concept art, even side characters, along with maybe background info or production notes. Just that I kinda do sketches and commissions, and maybe headcanon on their uniforms (especially unshown like Jupiter Base or First Invasion uniform).
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