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  1. Looks fun but seems like all the good scenes are already displayed. However will definitely check it out.
  2. Any place to get a summary of stuff happening. Got confused a bit with a lot happening and I'm slow to follow.
  3. So how are they able to make ultra suits? I always thought ultraman was ultraman because he's part of that alien.
  4. Galaxy Edge was cool...... The ride was just okay. Definitely won't be worth a 3 hour wait.
  5. It was alright. The beginning was the best. There were a lot of drawn out scenes that were mostly filler IMO.
  6. Anyone who wants the smaller/mini diecast box for the Voltron should grab it from Target.com $42 shipped right now. I'm pissed I paid $80 for it a few months back.
  7. Where's the best place to buy the DX Soul of Chogokin Combattler V ???
  8. What I dislike about all the Bayformers are how vulnerable the bots are. They make the humans superior in firepower even though you would think a alien being who was able to travel space to get to earth weaker.
  9. Where's the best/cheapest place to get the GX-72 Megazord?
  10. Is there diecast from the ones sold at Target/Amazon?? BBB has it listed as diecast with a price of $99 for all five. BBB Voltron
  11. Anyone know when the Voltron's might start shipping? I pre-ordered from Anime Island.
  12. Post the best place when that Megazoid comes for pre-order guys!
  13. How reliable are they? Especially something that is 6-8 months out before delivery?
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