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Arcadia YF-19 Re-Issue and new Premium Finish


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On 5/6/2023 at 9:42 PM, MacrossJunkie said:

Yeah, I think you're right. In any case, I think it's shameful that they knew about breakages, delayed the release, and then apparently that time spent didn't seem to resolve anything.

It could have been avoided with using just a tiny bit less force on the shoulder screws. I guess over-tightening screws is the new thing because the screws on my revival 25 were also incredibly tight. Had to break out a much larger screwdriver to loosen them because my little hobby screwdriver simply couldn't provide enough torque. 

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was recently gifted a premium yf19 from my uncle who was in Japan last week.  Of course the right shoulder came broken out of the box.  I may just display it in fighter as it can still pull off that look and stay together. 

Anyone here by chance have a broken Left shoulder?  we can trade for good copies of the needed arms :)


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Look back a way through this thread, and there are discussions of how to take the shoulder apart entirely.  Once you get the screw out of the shoulder mount on the right, you can pull the entire arm out, and access everything you need to completely remove the shoulder, and replace the broken part.

Actually, with that particular breakage, I kind of wonder if you could drill out the shoulder, and replace the shaft with a piece of solid plastic that would friction-fit into the shoulder pivot.  I'd have to take mine apart again to experiment with the idea.

As an alternative though, if you can get in contact with your uncle, he should have no trouble getting in contact with Arcadia directly to request a replacement part.  You might even be able to make the request yourself, if you can find the right support email address to contact.  I'm not sure how much the barriers to getting service in the US have weakened, but it's probably worth a shot trying to get a replacement either way.

Edit:  Wasn't sure which post it was, so I went back to check.  Check here for showing how to get that screw out.

I could also just get off my backside and model the parts for a Shapeways replacement like I originally considered. :p 


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Was the overtightened shoulders something that affected the regular edition reissue as well, or is this problem exclusive to the PF?

Continuing the long trend of some single catastrophic problem affecting what would otherwise be an excellent release. :5:

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The only thing that makes me suspect it's all clearcoated is the effect I got when I pried apart the wing gloves to install my replacement hinges.  When I pulled the halves apart, there was something like a thin layer of transluscent film along the edges that flaked away very slightly.  I didn't mess with it any further, and it didn't flake away much, it was just a weird thing to see.

I do think the weathering coat on the arms is having an effect though.  I don't have mine handy at the moment, but I remember pictures looking like there was definitely weathering applied to the arms, which is going to have an effect on the mechanical tolerances of the parts.  Inconsistency in that coating is going to make the effect on joint tightness unpredictable, whether it's sprayed on, or applied by hand.

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On 5/22/2022 at 6:59 AM, Anasazi37 said:

Back in 2007, for the original Yamato YF-19, I made two sets. One was a conversion of the stickers to waterslide decals. The other was a resize of Hasegawa Option Decal #1, from 1/72 to 1/60. That sheet had some relevant markings on it, like the "Super NOVA" one.

Back in 2014, a MW member commissioned me to do a conversion of the original Arcadia YF-19 stickers:



I'd have to ask the person who commissioned them if it's okay for me to print another set (probably fine), but the bigger issue is that I retired from printing decals several years ago because my work keeps me extremely busy. I occasionally produce small sets that address oversights or mistakes made by Arcadia and Bandai and take on unique/challenging commissions, but right now the waiting list is pretty long. There are folks on it who have been waiting patiently for more than a year because of my limited free time.

Any chance this waiting list still exists, if so I'd be happy to be put on it for several sets? 😅 

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