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  1. There is no published information other than it’s just better. Don’t even know in what way. (Avionics? Thrust? Firepower? None/all?)
  2. I think they were actually referring to the three black marks aft of the gun vents. And the answer, most likely, is stylization.
  3. Edit: woops, I thought you said Picardo, not Beltran. Mixed up the Roberts.
  4. I loved the design of the new Stargazer and inclusion of some Star Trek Online ships in the season 2 fleet scene instead of the copypasta ships. I’ve got no comment about anything else.
  5. It’s metal yeah. The strut itself is pretty sturdy so no worries about snapping or anything.
  6. Sorry bud, for me it was only the ball joint and not the part you circled. I loosened the screws near the ball joint and dropped figure into the cup and re-tightened the screws and it worked well, but I don’t think that will help you ☹️ You could try putting future on that pivot without loosening the screw, tilt back and forth, and see if any of it slides in between the surfaces. Repeat many times.
  7. Yeah I used tape to open the first time, shoved pilot in there, and will never open again
  8. aurance

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Yeah I don't really mind either, just more an oddity that they did it that way.
  9. aurance

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Eject it and immediately ignite it like a giant flare 😝😝
  10. aurance

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Hmm, the lineart has the booster sitting higher up on those white and teal struts, which I don't see on the prototype. Which would leave room for the head laser. Curious.
  11. Honestly with all the fixes that were mentioned in the other thread, I quite like the AX a lot more than I thought I would. The fact that these extensive fixes were needed in the first place though... yeah.
  12. Haha I love this reference but so niche 😝😝
  13. I usually just shove the stock under its armpit for stability.
  14. That’s some great info, thanks! I wish I could read those Japanese labels.
  15. This is the first reply that actually addressed my question. Thanks.😋
  16. Yes I know that too, but such a choke point does not seem to exist, or is much wider on the fighters on the right.
  17. Okay. I don’t think either of you are understanding what I’m saying. I’m already aware of the facts you two mentioned. And 'toys vary from real thing? Come on man, of course they do but that's not what I'm referring to. Let me try to add a drawing. Seems like a deliberate change in design but my question was whether this was an in-world thing or just style. I guess we don't know. I should have clarified what I was pointing out.
  18. It's not, it's mainly from me looking at the toys. The -0, -1, and all the -24 derivatives have a much more open design though. So the answer seems to be, just artistic whims.
  19. So what’s the deal with the very narrow exhausts (feet) in majority of the valks from -4 to -19 when they’re folded up for fighter mode? Wouldn’t that cause a lot of turbulence and compression of exhaust gases? Is that a thing you would want for some reason?
  20. @Skull One for very easy transaction, great communication with pictures, good seller!
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