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  1. First time I’ve heard this name mentioned in years 😝😝
  2. A VF-1 with a gun that shoots swords
  3. No no it’s fine, thanks as always for sharing your knowledge. A question in a similar vein, do you think the VF-19F/S listed in Macross Mecha Manual Mac7 page are export monkey models? They still seem superior to the YF-19 prototype.
  4. I’m digging the Arad model.
  5. My bad, I just misunderstood which fighter you were referring to in your second paragraph here, and was puzzled:
  6. You mentioned in another thread the YF-24 is still not in production by Delta time because it's too expensive? So is it a failure as far as it becoming the next mass produced NUNS fighter? Is the "main" NUNS fighter still VF-171? If the Macross Mecha Manual specs are to go buy, the VF-171 has less performance than pretty much every custom emigrant fleet fighter we've seen so far. I thought the Feds were trying to work on a clear performance advantage over the emigrant fleets, on the median.
  7. Not gonna talk about the plot but these bits of mech info are cool. I like the railgun development.
  8. The movie was fine, not especially better or worse than the median Marvel offering. Florence Pugh was funny. Widow herself was pretty meh.
  9. So with this bumping into Zentradi fleets, where is the (non-Varauta non-Mac7) Supervision Army? Weren't they the main enemies of the Zentradi and stands to reason there is still a significant number of them out there in a non-trivial proportion to the Zentradi fleet? No fleets ran into them?
  10. Awww now I like it again, so cute! Cute monkey!
  11. I hope those girls are total psychos, that would be sweet. They do have that certain glint in their eyes.
  12. On a related note, I wonder if at some point in the future Kawamori will design Macross fighters with integrated fold boosters.
  13. Did I already say it looks like a VF-14? Definitely does.
  14. He probably saw me with my friends when I was a kid and they were all bald and only I had the ornate mohawk, clearly the squad leader.
  15. Oh man that purple variant. Things I would love to have but never would happen for 100, Alex.
  16. I wouldn’t mind that. No brackets, and gunpod can stay attached with the missile pod deployed, something like that.
  17. Does this "higher performance variants for squad leaders" thing have any basis in the real world? Seems like an odd thing to do.
  18. It’s funny how a little face fix can make me go from “going in the box to hide your shame” to “I’m transforming you twenty times a day again” but I guess we Macross fans are a weird lot.
  19. Thanks to @pengbuzz my boy has a face again! You rock so much! I thought he would be Twoface forever! Bonus: an adorable penguin he drew in the packaging. PS: I have to restate just how impressed I was that he did this without a copy of the piece in hand, only from pictures with rulers.
  20. Oh wow that is sweet. Definitely see more of those real life 5th gen influences as well as Kawamori’s style evolution.
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