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  1. I'm with you on TV version or even the hybrid DYRL design with carriers though would hope for TV colors, too.
  2. I've wanted a 1/72 EMD F-23A forever. Die cast, kit, whatever.
  3. Seems like they need do another run of VF-1 in general. Roy, Hikaru 1J, Max & Kakizaki 1A and CF for both DYRL and TV. Ideally a CF 1J again and then a loose FAST Pack release might make sense. Unpainted and/or Assembly would be nice for customs, too.
  4. Arcadia should do a VF-19A Ravens repaint. Fix the ankles already (ratcheted) and maybe a couple detents for the wings for regular fighter mode, if not battroid and high speed.
  5. I have the original release Brera VF-27. A bit floppy, especially shoulders.
  6. I'd like to hear Max mention how favorite Valkyrie and what he liked best about each model. I have been considering the Max 29 as I don't have any 29 or 31 models.
  7. After playing with old Yamato Gullet model, I probably wouldn't upgrade tbh but did get and am enjoying the Arcadia Basara reissue. I'd rather get a 19S or 19P if they revisit those.
  8. First impression is that the added detail DOES look better. It's more a detail of the animation than anything. None of that extra tampo printing that likes nice is on there, either and in both cases Yamato comes out looking more plain, but anime accurate. Except for the legs. If Arcadia can do thicker legs that are less frustrating to stow for fighter, they'd have a winner in a premium paint version. As it is, they could get away with a leg swapping partsforner for the look and still do better than Bandai DX.
  9. Would like both YF-19 and YF-21 should have detent ball joints and a small barrel hole of emitter or something.
  10. Was about to say the additional hex panel lining on the Bandai looked better but treatment's screenshot shows the Yamato is more accurate.
  11. When was the last TV Fast pack release? I have the TV Focker that Yamato released so far so good. All prices for GBP, etc appear inflated but no separate FAST Super set since Arcadia? I have the v1 1/60 GBP but may need to consider the Roy or Hikaru Strikes to get a Super/Strike at not insane price.
  12. Uxi

    1/55's revisited

    I found the VF-1A my wife got me in 2002. I didn't appreciate it enough then. Love the shade of brown more than the Yamato. Find myself looking at the Super Roy/Hikaru on ebay but oof.
  13. That sums up every show since Mando season 1 and Andor. Mostly awful writing with a few really good moments that usually wind up on YouTube. This was acute with Kenobi and Ahsoka.
  14. That's why I only use Brave or Adblock browsers is incognito for YouTube. No ads and no tracking cookies. Especially for something like Disney SW or MCU.
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