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There's a weird Bubblegum Crisis vibe (which I love btw) and what looks like something the crew at HG came up with. 

The original 80's Ride-Armors and even these new Sentinel designs work because sometimes "Less is more", these Genesis Breakers just feel overboard IMO. 



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^^Unless they’re making individual removable missiles for the shoulder armors, the toy shouldn’t be too top heavy in armor mode.  

Hell, Houquet holds up just fine in armor mode, even with her skinny legs and heels.

Bike mode for the missile guy looks too unwieldy and unbalanced though, with too much stuff in the front and no kibble to balance out the back.

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The stylings of the red, blue and tan bikes are largely fine.  The missile one needs the missile boxes tweaked.  Move the two boxes on the front axl back.  And the shoulder bits at the handles need to come together in front of the windshield instead.  That would also add a moveable arm at the shoulders for directing the missile boxes/posing when in armor mode. Claw version looks ludicrous in bike mode though.  I do not like the red/green color combo.  The blue/green looks good but the shade of green on the red one does not work for me.

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