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5 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

I was able to watch the video. It's a 4min synopsis narrated by Houquet's VA actor Mika Doi. It shows some clips from the anime with 'Lonely Soldier Boy' song playing in the background. Nothing was mentioned on the clip about Genesis Breaker.

ok, thank you

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So the October issue of Mospeada came out and someone posted info on Facebook.


- Same time as Mospeada first episode, except focusing on Thunderchild (nod to War of the Worlds' warship).

- As usual things went south, and all of the drop pods were scattered (There were five, but the book show four...plot be afoul).

- Exposition and flashback of someone who only knew Earth from books and Gate being cyborg.

- I think someone assumed that Gate is a cyborg and turned out she was one due to accident in the past.

- Background also expanded on Mars Base with the government being authoritarian and Gate came from elite family known as Ismeia/Ismeier (at least on google translate so prone to error), who are part of “Three Families and Four Coglomerates” and seems that Mospeada do seem to prefer non Japanese (only Shinobu being an exception).

- The Breaker seems to have their own interest despite working with Mars Base, one of them being re establishing their former prestige.

Also her Character page in Japanese, had to use google translate to get the basic idea.1349117836_MospeadaGenesisBreaker16.jpg.058b8d9bc4fd91aef19995df076046db.jpg



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While that are quite a few reasons why one's pants may display that way (like say, padded riding undergarments), I think the larger issue is that it kinda makes you want to find out. :diablo: I do like the fase sculpt, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a more mature version of her. Her proportions may be a bit off maybe? :unknw:

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4 hours ago, jenius said:

it does have a lot of air intakes

Are you suggesting this secondary intake is redundant? 😅


It just looks like sloppy work to me... right down to the spelling inconsistency. 🙄

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I (FINALLY!) received a new 3D printer to play with, so I pulled this Hellcat project out of digital mothballs. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though there is some resin whitening. The main body is aprox 10cm long, so roughly 1/12 scale. There are no joints for it yet tho.


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13 hours ago, Tober said:

I (FINALLY!) received a new 3D printer to play with, so I pulled this Hellcat project out of digital mothballs. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though there is some resin whitening. The main body is aprox 10cm long, so roughly 1/12 scale. There are no joints for it yet tho.


Nice! :wub: Would that mean the next one is a 1/60 Vajra? :rolleyes:

4 hours ago, Perxion said:

Hi guys!

I want to share this work with the group.

An updated gun, I presented the Gallant L81.
My own design.
I hope you like it.

Stay tuned, I will upload more works soon. Follow me on Instagam.

Thank you.




This is sweet! :wub: 

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15 hours ago, tekering said:

Dammit @Perxion, you and @Tober are goading me into buying a 3D printer of my own, aren't you? :unsure:

Very impressive design work, guys. :good:

Yep! They are messy but can produce some great results. :)

11 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

Nice! :wub: Would that mean the next one is a 1/60 Vajra? :rolleyes:

Thanks! I'd need some really good reference for that tho... :unsure:

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So got the translation for the timeline from facebook fan site. Still waiting on the main story and character bios (I tried google translate, but probably have inconsistencies in translation as usual).


Suddenly, half of humanity was killed by the alien invasion force from space.
The rule of the Earth's unified government collapsed, and survivors were urgently displaced to the Moon's space exploration base and the Martian settlement. Modern cities on the earth were destroyed, and the remaining people survive by forming community settlements in village units. 
The invaders set up a base in central Canada created high-density dense barriers around several tens of kilometers around their base to physically block and shield all external factors. Advanced defenses that bounce even light were unanalyzable to humankind, and all forms of energy was repelled at every attempt to penetrate it.   Due to this the base was referred to as Reflex Point by the humans.  
The Mars settlement had to accelerated terraforming throughout Mars, which had been underway for some time, and although it was on the verge of collapse due to accepting 200 times more refugees from the earth than allowed was sustainable, it avoided ruin by purging the people who would not comply with terraforming efforts. 
Mars society was classified into several categories: governance, security, technology, maintenance, labor, and training, and all colony members were forced to fulfill their assigned obligations. 
The year they declared the completion of the reconstruction of Martian society 20 years after the withdrawal from Earth.  At that time they decided on a program to recapture the earth. 
Under the leadership of General Control Officer McGuire, who declared execution of the plan within 10 years after becoming the new leader of Mars, legislation was enacted to implement this with the full resources of the Mars colony.  Production was put on a wartime footing to meet this goal and the government was streamlined into a wartime regime to support the president's decisions.  A plan was formulated to create a large-scale Earth Reclamation force so send to the planet.
The Martian army sent the first Earth Reclamation Force to recapture the Earth with their full military power.  They sent 2,400 invasion ships which carried a total of 160,000 troops.
However, at the time of re-entry, most of the troops and descent craft were destroyed and lost, and the assumed ground-based operation of large troops was destroyed. 
Although only a handful of soldiers reached the ground, the operation was interrupted as it was impossible to continue an effective invasion. It was a de facto defeat of the human army.
The second Earth Reclamation force reaches the Earth. It was determined that the reason for the first invasion forces defeat was due to a lack of mobility and intelligence so a new piece of military hardware called the Ride Armor System was developed and given to each soldier giving each infantryman enough firepower and mobility to destroy the enemy Inbit.  
The invading human forces had learned how to utilize this equipment to gain advanced mobile capabilities which allowed them to gather important  intelligence on their enemy. 
The innovation in military equipment made it possible for them to also create a secure atmosphere invasion corridor and with a secure force, it allowed them to intercept enemy units before they could harm the main attack force.
As a result of the extreme functional difference between the Earth Reclamation Force and the intercepting Invid units, 1/10th of the Earth Reclamation Force was able to descend safety to the ground to continue their mission to destroy Reflex Point.


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