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  1. Merry Christmas For everyone! here is a screenshot of this motorcycle. Cheers!
  2. I used the last artbook of mospeada this: there are some line arts of the rain boy bike (Dusty Ayres)
  3. I know this is not a good time to share this, but I leave it here anyway. It is the model I was working on a few days ago. (WIP-LowPoly for now) Enjoy!
  4. can we preorder in all webpage? I mean in the most usual stores... anyone knows?
  5. Hi guys, Since nothing is happening and Wonderfest is a bit short, I made this image. I gathered some 3D models that I had scattered around and this tribute to the iconic image of the Legioss + Tread came out. Enjoy it! Greetings.
  6. Thank you no3Ljm! I have other order from July, but they delayed to September.
  7. Hello, Anyone preordered iota Legioss in Amiami? my order keep date August, but is September now...any idea? Thank you!
  8. Does anyone know if Sentinel toy will be at this weekend's wonder fest? I can't find the location on the webpage map: http://sh.wonfes.cn/official/2021/[wf2021上海]观众入场指南疫情防控须知入场流线图/
  9. Fantastic design! Congratulations The only thing I can say about the cover photo: I would like the invid eye in red on. It's just a suggestion.
  10. Jenius, I have a question. we have wait to wonderfest of june to have news about legioss iota? thanks
  11. yes thank you! take a look to this pic
  12. We have Wonder festival 2021 this year in China? this is true? anyone knows anything else? http://bj.wonfes.cn http://sh.wonfes.cn maybe we have houquet and Green Legioss ready?
  13. Something I did with a grass paper. Simple, but it looks nice. Regards! legiossgrass.mp4
  14. Hello guys, I read that the Wonder festival 2021 will be online on their official website. Could anyone access? I think it's down now. How true is this? This is the official site http://wf.kaiyodo.net ? Thanks guys!
  15. My first time with amiami, I ordered a Legioss Z through DHL to Argentina. Date say January 26 Tuesday. I can't believe it yet. Here is a 1985 olddie card and same card 2020
  16. AmiAmi payment request for the Legioss Z!! Data email: Jan 20, 2021, 3:47 AM(GMT-3)
  17. I found this on facebook
  18. I leave a cheap photoshop here =) Come on Sentinel, they are very slow!
  19. Hello guys, I leave you a photo with my first modeling job. From 1 to 4 I was incorporating different tools, colors and also learning. Which of these 4 seems best to you? Please let me know Thank you!
  20. Hello Friends, come and check out my new YouTube video MOSPEADA OPENING REMASTERED (Full HD) It premieres in 9 hours. It will help me a lot if you share and like my video. I really hope you enjoy it. Take care.
  21. Does anyone know why a Houquet update was not seen at the Wonder Festival 2020 Tokyo event? Maybe something will be seen in the one from February 2021? or maybe before?
  22. Finally the Legioss arrived to Argentina. From June until yesterday October 14. Very slow for me (BBTS), but very well packed. The figure is extraordinary! I have not transform it yet, but I note that the reverse leg pivot problem isn't there. I'll see it when I transform the figure. The only thing that I noticed so far is that this part came rotated 90° to the inside (See pic) Regards!
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