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  1. Hi Guys! While we wait for Arcadia's Hargun, I share with you a project I'm working on. If anyone wants to propose colors for the Space gun (bulky gun) I'm open to suggestions. More photos on Instagram. thank you and enjoy!
  2. Excellent! I'm still evaluating whether to buy it or not, any news regarding the Tread? It's time for them to release some information.
  3. Thanks! Welcome to the printer team!
  4. Hi Guys! here is my last project, A new Gallant for Mospeada Sentinel Riobot brand. I will upload 2 more this week, the upgrade of Bazooka for the Sentinel Riobot 1/12 and the Jim's truck (Lunk Jeep) in 1/48 scale. Stay tuned. Thank you and enjoy it! Follow me on instagram and youtube!
  5. Yes, sure use it.
  6. Good sales strategy, I already have my Legioss ready with it's support weapon. Hopefully they offer an extra weapon package with future Treads. I think that if I were to see the blue Tread on sale, but from then on it would depend on the sales of the new Breakers wave.
  7. I found some differences between the first photos published versus the latest ones about the Tread. More details! I did not notice it. Can anyone find any more difference?
  8. Not at all, it's a good question. In fact, Wonder Fest 2024 is next month. Let's hope to see something from the Tread now!
  9. Hi Guys, Here I share a wallpaper that I made. I used a 3D model for the cyclone and AI for the background. Enjoy it! Thanks
  10. Thanks friend! don't forget share and give like the video, this is helpful for me.
  11. Hi Guys! Finaly!! I finished the animation, here is the link: The premiere is tomorrow 6PM Japan time. I hope you enjoy it, it was made with a lot of effort and love. Thank you guys!!
  12. Awesome!! I'm waiting for one of this. Check my 3D model for a new animation I'm working on.
  13. I think that Sentinel has not participated in WonderFest for a while. I think that since it is made in China, does anyone have info about this? I would have liked to see a preview of the Tread. bad vibes Sentinel.
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