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G.I. Joe Classified Series 6” figures, Retro 3.75” line, and Ultimates 7” figures


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38 minutes ago, Golden Arms said:

Good score!  You have to find them early in the morning's.  I've gotten Beachhead, Baroness and the cobra trooper all the same way.  Found stock in morning, and gone to store and picked them up shortly.  Hopefully with the cobra trooper being a regular release in the next wave, some of this madness will subside.

Thank you thank you! Funny enough it was like 7:30 PM when I was at Target. I knew it was a long shot and that like you said most "finds" have to happen in the morning so I know that I got extra lucky.


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No.  The target I went to this morning got 2 cases of wave 2.  Each case was packed with each figure of the wave.  Seems the stores in my area have been getting repacks of the Cobra troopers, baroness and wave 3 (only verified at store I picked them up). The other targets were getting in Baroness.  She seems packed 2 per case.  I haven't been searching for wave 3 as its sold everywhere online.

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If anybody has an extra Trooper which they would be willing to sell, I'd be interested. Between my teaching schedule and my children, I don't have the ability to drop everything and go run to Target often. Every time I've seen them in stock on Popfindr and then go to the store to try to grab one, the employees won't give me the time of day no matter how polite I may be. I'm just beyond frustrated. I never had any idea that these would be so difficult to acquire.

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20 hours ago, danth said:

Profit director. Subtle.


Is Destro gonna have to commercialize a business?

He looks like he should be sauntering into a 1990's WWF wrestling ring...

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^^Hasbro Exec:  “Okay, we’ll give you one version of Cobra Commander . . . with his updated look.

And one version of CC with a hood.

And one version with gold weapons and red and black color scheme.

And one version in battle armor.

And one version in ceremonial gear.

And one version with a vac-metal mask.

And one version for the alternate universe where Destro becomes the Cobra Commander.

And one version for the timeline where Duke’s evil twin is actually Cobra Commander.

And one version . . .”


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I’m kind of not liking Firefly so I might not go out of my way to try to get him.  I’ll see if I can get a Cobra Viper in the store or just wait for the inevitable regular version with a different color blue and maybe less red on his chest.

No tax or limit on Cobra Troopers at Dorkside.  Preordered 2 Zartans and 9 Cobra Troopers.  Also preordered the Retro wave 2 at Walmart.

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