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  1. I emailed two retailers in japan about the upcoming aoshima airwolf kit with clear body. They both told me that a non-clear body is also included.
  2. Bbts has SOC Golion available for pre-order again: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/89872
  3. 15,800y at amiami https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-132349
  4. Placed an order with Showz earlier today. I've never ordered from them before. If this thing turns out to be a qc disaster, how are they with returns?
  5. Amiami has a preowned gx-71 Golion for a very reasonable $379 plus shipping if anyone is interested. Item B+ Box B: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-046748-R
  6. I'm not talking about extra fees. I'm talking about pre order prices. Even if they were talking about extra fees, they would be charged that amount on top of what ever figure they bought. Fees are not exclusive to Takara products. I believe Meteor was around $170 or so. Mp-52 is available for around $200 without shipping. That is only a $30 difference in the base price...not $275. if you don't like mp-52, thats fine. You don't have to. But don't add $75 to the pre order price and say its too expensive or not worth the extra money. I know there are huge price differences in canada and australia and other parts of the world. I am just talking about shipping to the states and paying with the dollar. No one is charging $275 for mp-52.
  7. Mp-52 isn't $275. Amazon Japan and Amiami have him for $202. Hlj has him for $230 and the most expensive I saw was $265 at bbts. You can get it shipped from japan for less than what bbts is charging. I see these comments all over tfw....”I'm not paying $275-$300 for mp-52”. Why would you? No one is charging that much. it seems like every time a new MP is announced, the detractors like to add a non existent $40-$70+ to its pre order price simply to complain that the price is too high. With Mp-44, so many people were saying “i refuse to pay $500 for a toy”. Again, why would you when no one was charging $500 for it. Its like they look for the most expensive pre order price simply to complain...while completely ignoring all the much cheaper options.
  8. In another d!ck move by hasbro, two of the most wanted figures, firefly and cobra viper are target exclusives. They will be impossible to find except on ebay for close to $100.
  9. I love the current MP aesthetic. Having super posable, transforming toys that look like the original show is a dream come true. What is surprising to me is every time Takara announces a new show accurate MP, the anti-show accurate crowd act shocked that Takara is doing it. Every release since Inferno its been “nope. Looks too much like the show...why is Takara doing this when I don't like it”. Which is fine. They don’t have to like it, but don’t be shocked when each one is clearly following a pattern and looks like the show. Then the next one is shown and they are angry again. “Why is Takara doing this. I can’t believe they are still going for toon accuracy”. Clearly Takara has a plan. They have been doing it like this for several years. Then the next one is shown and the detractors are still shocked it looks the way it does.
  10. It's up at amiami: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-050703
  11. He is up at amiami. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-049399
  12. Still available at NY for a $60 mark up at 42,000. Considering it really is only $60ish more than amiami was charging, their price isn't too bad. Its only going to go up. Its probably roughly the same as what bbts will charge.
  13. Nothing yet. Im guessing next month or july...just like SOC Golion a couple years ago.
  14. Jeremy007

    Hi-Metal R

    Bought it right when yodobashi shinjuku opened this morning. As of about 30mns ago, they had four left.
  15. My 1j from amiami finally arrived today. i sold all my 1:48 valks years ago when i started collecting the 1:60 v2's....i forgot just how big 1:48 valks are. I share all the pros and cons already stated in this thread so i will keep this short. Its gorgeous and very well built. It looks great on a shelf. I am glad i got one and i will get the hikaru 1s if released but thats probably it. I prefer my yamato/arcadia 1:60's and i don't see them going anywhere/being replaced anytime soon.
  16. MB quanta back up at bbts. $264 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/57156
  17. I know, right? How dare i comment on something in a thread that I've rarely commented in. I hope you take your own advice and stay out of any and all threads on this site that you have never posted in. And if you are going to act like an a$$ everytime you get called out for being an a$$..i agree with slaginpit, Stay out of this thread. Take your ego and you attitude back to youtube. Don't bother replying. I'm done with you.
  18. This is exactly why i stopped checking this thread out. As soon as kuma joined and started spamming the thread with his pics, i knew his attitude would not be far behind. I am not into 3rd party figs at all but a few of my buddies are and two of them experienced what Slaginpit just did. Both made harmless comments only to get snappad at. My go to reviewers are peaugh and wotafa. The two i avoid like the plague...skullface and kuma. Like i said...not at all in to 3rd party stuff but i did occasionally like checking out some pics and reviews but now that kuma and his attitude is here, I've been staying far away. In my 10 years on MW, i have only put one person on my ignore list...now there are two.
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