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  1. i realize that we all already know this but here is some more confirmation: http://e3.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/69605...ive-To-360.html
  2. why are those guys on kojimas blog complaining? Didnt microsoft say that RISING wasnt exclusive to the 360? and didnt joystiq report that it was also coming out on the ps3?
  3. Last Guardian looked amazing. no interest whatsoever in GoW III. Not a fan of the series.
  4. oh i know...i just thought he meant that we will be playing as SNAKE...like his first mission or something
  5. so....do you buy a downloadable game for $50 or something like that? do you buy all games for the GO online?
  6. Kojima just said that it was Snake, not big boss. Im watching the SONY E3 coverage and im pretty sure thats what i heard. also...sorry for asking a stupid question but since the PSP GO doesnt play UMD's, how do you play the games? Do you download them directly to your PSP? If so, can you download PSP Go games to the regular PSP? I dont quite understand how the two work together.
  7. now im getting E3 2009 Kojima Special Productions Site but nothing more than that will load
  8. i dont doubt that Rising was confirmed for the 360 but what i do doubt is that this was the big MGS announcement that Kojima has been hinting at.
  9. i highly doubt that the big MGS announcement/teaser site has anything to do with the 360. I think RISING is an entirely different announcement. didnt some japanese gaming mag report a while ago that the 360 isnt all that popular in Japan? Why would kojima gear the new metal gear game towards the japanese fanbase on a system that most japanese gamers dont even have? i dont buy it. Im convinced that there is a Ps3 announcement coming soon and that when the countdown is over in an hour we will see that its not Rising that they have been counting down to.
  10. if those are fan made (which i doubt) they are very well done. Japanese ads for metal gear tend to be a bit odd...especially the ads for MGS2 with the salary man out in the jungle.
  11. there are a few things flashing behind the countdown but i cant quite put this one together yet.
  12. brand new 117hr countdown on the site with what appears to be Big Boss flashing in what is now a downpour
  13. are those Macross Frontier valks the Bandai DX ones or are they the Bandai model kits?
  14. nobody ive already made out a will that says i will buried with my toys and my comic books.
  15. sorry for not being clear. i meant the May 13? copy...the one with the two page spread of the field that says 5-18-2009 or something like that. this one: http://tinyurl.com/osy39f
  16. i know its a long shot but is there anyone on the boards that has a copy of that Famitsu mag with the Metal Gear teaser in it that they would be willing to part with? if not, is it possible for one of the Mwers in Japan to pick one up for me?
  17. looks fantastic. REGULT: you can get copic markers at most craft/art stores. I know Michaels has them and most local art supply stores carry them
  18. i see. many thanks FAMITSU is a weekly mag, right? Does anyone know if thats the newest issue?
  19. can anyone here possibly tell me the name and issue of the japanese gaming magazine that features this ad? Do any of the MW'ers in Japan know? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. couldnt agree more. Oldboy is a FANTASTIC movie which does not need to me remade. IMO, Lady Vengeance doesnt either...nor does Sympaty for Mr. Vengeance...which im sure will get remade since it is a part of that trilogy. The Korean Revenge trilogy is probably my favorite trilogy ever. Look what the US did to Bangkok Dangerous...they ruined it....the original was great. I hate remakes.
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