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  1. still wondering if the MG Unicorn and MG God Gundam kits are available...
  2. are the 1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam Ver.ka 4500yen and 1/100 MG Neo Japan G Gundam 2000yen still available? also, do you know if the G Gundam MG kit is the first release with polycaps for the inner frame or the 2nd release with screws for the inner frame? thanks!
  3. if anyone is interested, im selling my complete partially weathered VF-0S on ebay. $125 shipped in the US: http://tinyurl.com/62lwe2t edit: SOLD. Thanks.
  4. it sure did. he has it for up for sale again right now. only this time, its $400
  5. that would be cool but IMO, that would not make sense. if the voice base hints at Convoy being Reborn, I dont think think the next masterpiece will be Super Ginrai. Convoy and Super Ginrai were two totally different characters. Star Convoy would be Convoy Reborn. A Masterpiece Star Convoy would rock.
  6. ill take that VF-1s No Painting version if its still available. edit: if its available, what is the shipping cost?
  7. sweet. thanks for the info and quick replies. i was going to go with HLJ as i usually do but they are no longer accepting pre-orders on the yf-29 anyway...eugimon and UN spacy, thanks a lot.
  8. im about to pre-order my yf-29 from AmiAmi. I have never used them before but i know quite a few people here have. Are they good people to do business with? Any thing major to look out for? thanks in advance...
  9. i used to think ae_productions was misterryno using a different name with all the post wh0ring he does but ryno was a lightweight compared to this guy.
  10. The Spirit came out 7 or 8 years after he gave this speech. he is not dodging the blame for anything.
  11. that looks like a custom job. it does not look like hasegawa's design work at all.
  12. i dont think the seller thinks they have the vintage version....i dont think the seller knows what they have at all. it clearly says 2008 on the box. on top of the insane price, they are charging $275 for shipping. you can get a authentic vintage hoist for $100...maybe less.
  13. here is an Encore Hoist for $2,000 http://tinyurl.com/26wnkk4 I emailed the seller and told them to check out all the other encore hoists that are selling for $20.
  14. has a toy line been announced for TF:Prime? I would love to have a figure of Arcee's new robot mode.
  15. why is it off? Just because the figure doesnt look exactly like he did in the movie doesnt mean its off. None of the masterpiece TF's are 100% G1 faithful. The Masterpiece line will never be 100% tv/movie accurate...its meant to be the ultimate representation of a character in toy form. I think Hot Rod looks damn good in all modes.
  16. i tried but i never got a response. maybe my PM didnt go through. No big deal...i may have a lead on another booster. thanks ahiachris
  17. quick bump. is the atmospheric booster still available?
  18. that concept art is just awful. if thats how the lions and voltron are going to look in a live action film, i hope it never gets made. that looks like a michael bay voltron.
  19. this seems a little too good to be true. I have never dealt with Anime Export before...besides the rigid preorder policies mentioned in the post above mine, are they good people to deal with?
  20. is the atmospheric booster still available?
  21. In my opinion, this is one of the best looking figures in the Masterpiece line. This is a "must own" for me. January cant get here fast enough...
  22. im sure this has been asked and answered but why does everyone here call Drift "peg"?
  23. good news. i will be in japan when this hits theaters. I will catch it there.
  24. I did not know that. Thanks for the info.
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