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  1. great news. They all look fantastic. I will not be unloading my 1/48's though...they look way too good.
  2. the valkyrie alone usually goes for around $130-150, plus the $50-70 average price for the strike parts. So...best of luck finding a 1/48 vf-1s with strike parts for $150.
  3. thats the one thing you have to watch out for with HOHOTOYS. they are based in New York and they do sell lots of stuff from NY, but some of thier stuff is in Hong Kong, check before you bid.
  4. im a huge comic fan, and Liefeld happens to be my favorite artist. Rob, along with Jim Lee and Frank Miller are my top 3. Im glad most comic artists dont draw photo realistic people...if i wanted realism, id watch the news. These are COMIC books, they are supposed to be over the top. Jack Kirby was so far from being anotomically accurate its not even funny, but do people bash him? Nope. Any comic fan who likes Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Jim Steranko, John Byrne, Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Romita Jr...etc..cannot complain about photo realism and correct anatomy. No one on that list is critcized except liefeld. plus..any of you out there who like Manga have got to have all the same complaints about anatomy in those books as you do for liefeld art. Manga has some of the most over the top exaggerated anatomy ive ever seen.
  5. by the way, these are old sketches...they are from the 2002 Liefeld sketchbook. He is not begging for work either, Marvel has several deals with him lined up after Onslaught Reborn finishes, Killraven being one of them. and to call the thread Rob Liefeld VS the bible is a bit misleading. Rob is a very religous man, his father was a minister and Rob has always been facinated with the stories of the bible. Being the big sci-fi fan that he is, he thought it would fun to put a futuristic sci-fi take on some bible stories.
  6. actually, as of this past summer when the deal was inked Rob is back at Image. In January 2008, Image comics will release Youngblood #1 written by Joe Casey and art by Derec Donovan.
  7. its worth owning at least one 1/55 valk. wether it be bandai or takatoku. They are such unique and good looking toys not to mention the start of the transforming macross valk toys. i say buy it!
  8. good finale. very well written by Loeb.
  9. $102 for a reissue Super Valk seems like a good deal. a couple months ago, they were going for upwards of $160 on ebay. I love mine, its the only bandai reissue that i am keeping.
  10. No. There is no reissue strike valkyrie. Bandai only reissued the 1s Roy, 1j Hikaru, 1j max, 1j millia, 1a hikaru, 1a cannon fodder and Super 1S Hikaru.
  11. some people might think its a bit high now but i do not. If i didnt already have one, i would spend 500$ on one. In my opinion, the bandai 1/55 Strike is one of the best Macross toys ever made. The question is, do you feel comfortable spending $500 on it?
  12. i got mine for $379 shipped this past summer. Anywhere between $300 and upper $400's seems to be the going rate for one in good shape.
  13. this is strange. ive dealt with HLJ many, many times and have never had a problem at all. Most, if not all the toy sellers ive dealt with in Japan and Hong Kong are very polite and happy to help and and answer my questions. Ive had the displeasure of dealing with a couple a-holes in asia on ebay, but thats a different story. Eugimon is correct in saying that there are plenty of a-hole US sellers as well. Ive been screwed over more times by US sellers than overseas sellers.
  14. Thanks for the tip Eugimon.
  15. can someone please explain to me how to "push in" the back pack into the back plate? I fold up the BP normally, i dont force it and i tried pushing it into the back plate but nothing happened. what am i doing wrong? I support the Fast packs by flipping down the small booster cover and rotating it towards the nose of the plane so the back pack does not fold down. What else can i do?
  16. fantastic pic! great looking toy
  17. Jeremy007


    there is a super ostrich on ebay right now that is yellowed and missing the heat shield with an opening bid of $800...maybe is a BIN of $800, either way...still expensive. there is also a pretty expensive elintseeker on ebay right now as well. if you are not set on the 1/55's, you could always get the Yamato 1/60 Elintseeker and Super Ostrich for about $100 a piece.
  18. Jeremy007


    those go for a pretty penny. the last VT-1 that i saw on ebay went for $1600!
  19. hohotoys are great people to deal with. i have dealt with them several times on ebay. great folks
  20. go for the yf-19. its a much better looking toy
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