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  1. Interesting I was thinking the same thing. Off the top of my head - Add below into film 1. Add in OVA VF-11 fight 2. I like the testing montage from OVA better than movie including music. 3. I like the YF-19 coming up on lift and Isamu touching it before taking off. 4. The battroid battle up until Guld shoots the gun. Because of the extra movie scenes - like Isamu and Lucy getting together...I think it needs to be in Japanese. I was going to start compiling a list when I get time to actually make an edit. This should be in the fan works forum. @azrael
  2. DVD Easter Eggs: (U.S. DVD Box Set, AnimEigo Release) On all volumes of Macross, go to "Settings" then highlight "Subtitles Off/Japanese Audio" and go left. The highlight will disappear. Hit enter and you'll be taken to a test pattern. (U.S. DVD #8) On DVD #8 when the main menu loads up press the "8" button on your DVD remote control and a music video comes on. (U.S. DVD #9) On DVD #9 for MACROSS TV, there is a third audio track with a second subtitle track which is an interview with the creator of MACROSS TV series. It starts on episode 35 and finishes on episode 36. (U.S.
  3. Hi Shawn...see my post...avatars look odd in light theme...like blocked out a little...could be my browser..but dark mode looks fine.
  4. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/985604589 Robotech views on deal.
  5. Interesting that I was just revisiting Macross these last couple months and this happens.
  6. I had a feeling this was what was going to happen. Recent court battles were pointing to an agreement. Kind of a win with concessions..companies fighting snd lost revenue is dumb when an agreement can be hammered out.
  7. I have been playtesting a 5e D&D version of Macross. It works so far. Wish I could publish it...aldo have a Mospeada version
  8. This thread has been very informative on my 5e d&d hack for Macross. Simplified sone things in mecha combat, but am trying some new rules for the variable nature of the fighters. Also working up that pilots can be same class but have different ways of fighting in the fighter and outside of it.
  9. If they revisit the original SDF Macross..i would say no continuation of the original characters...a new story aboard the Megaroad or a retelling of the original series with new animation and mostly keep the original dialogue intact.
  10. OK, finally watched the whole series. Really had my hopes high for it. Was a little turned off by the initial episode but decided to go along with it. However I never felt any emotion for this series. I decided to re-watch Macross Frontier again to kind of get the bad taste out of my mouth. Realized the issues with Delta are really multifaceted. 1. Did Satelight's B-team work on this? Seems like it, the Valkyrie animation was boring, and seemed like they were just shooting at nothing. There was no sense of an actual battle sometimes. The valkyries had no weight, just seemed there on the scre
  11. Anticipation building, having flashbacks to frontier and waiting for every tid bit of information.
  12. VF-5000 please Arcadia. This is one of the last variable fighters that gets a lot of screen time but has never been made in toy form. The VF-5000G has a major presence in Dynamite7 and it is in multiple video games. It deserves a toy. It would be an instant purchase for me, then Arcadia doing all these renewals of valks, which I have only bothered with the YF-19.
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