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  1. Wow, so it was a sample. Listening to this is like pulling stuff from the dark web...lol.
  2. Wondering if there are any members from the Albany NY area around. I used to know 2 on here but haven't seen them around.
  3. Ahhh...working on my RPG for Macross 5E. Finished up the character rules and mecha combat...just having issues with some of the mecha and payloads. One of the players wants to fly a 17 the other a 22. Not a lot of info on either fighter payloads. Think I will just go with your pallet system from your site Sketchley.
  4. Wow...just wow. The YF-21 has art of a micro missiles being loaded but it is near impossible to get a count. My assumption was that the VF-22 would carry the same amount. Wonder if the B-21A can be switched out for a more standard micro missile...some wording out there seems like that is likely. 160 micromissiles sounds like they fold into existence...lol...thanks for the info.
  5. Good to hear its back. Egan's site has been much appreciated for information. There are other sources now but the compendium is the go to for official info. Now I can get back to work on my rpg.....needed VF-31 stats...and it is good to know that I hadn't misremembered that the rail guns were different sizes on the Kairos and Siegfried.
  6. http://macross.anime.net/index.html Macross Compendium went down some days ago..anyone know a reason why? Does it have anything to do with the Big West Harmony Gold agreement, or simply maintenance.
  7. Fixed a couple minor issues but not really happy with the outcome...decided on a different approach and keeping rhe English soundtrack from the OVA. My favorite 2 scenes from the movie actually have very little speaking parts. Audio isn't my best but I may try a remix when I teach myself some new software. It will eventually be good for another project.
  8. Blender for audio and video. Subs not sure yet but that can be any number of software as it is not hard. Not worried about subs yet. 2 seconds of audio and video got rendered that shouldn't have. Screwed the sound up in the fighter testing I took from the OVA, as I hate the music they use in the movie. The rest looked pretty good..tiny 2 frames got left in one scene...ugh...almost not noticeable.
  9. Had some issues with some scenes. The worst problems are Mac+ has an annoying habit of starting the music and sometimes sound effects while many frames of the previous animation are still on screen. Jumping from no music to partial spund effects and music is tough. The vf-11 battle was easy but it gets difficult later on. Having a small audio issue right now...hoping i can fix it...but not ready yet. I cut the opening boardroom scene...Guld berating Isamu would never fly in military setting and Millard wouldnt allow it. Bringing childhood stuff into a boardroom to say a fighter would be wasted on him. The VF11 stunt flying wont work there as Isamu has the booster on until right before he transforms and startles Guld.
  10. I started a rough cut of this. Subtitles are going to be a little hard but not impossible. Hopefully I can render overnight. I probably will have video and audio done...than a cut again and add in subtitles.
  11. Interesting I was thinking the same thing. Off the top of my head - Add below into film 1. Add in OVA VF-11 fight 2. I like the testing montage from OVA better than movie including music. 3. I like the YF-19 coming up on lift and Isamu touching it before taking off. 4. The battroid battle up until Guld shoots the gun. Because of the extra movie scenes - like Isamu and Lucy getting together...I think it needs to be in Japanese. I was going to start compiling a list when I get time to actually make an edit. This should be in the fan works forum. @azrael
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