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  1. Even though the tv series ending didn't pair Mirage with Hayate (I gather it's that obvious which side of the love triangle I always supported with that statement hehe), hopefully with this bit of spoiler alert above me and some established scenes between the two, Hayate/Mirage might happen in Zettai Live!!!!!!
  2. I have a question: which thread do i use to review the anime series of Mospeada because i can see now that here is strictly the toys section.
  3. Since this is the Mospeada thread and i wish to talk about what i have seen from the first two episodes, why not. Lonely Soldier Boy is a wonderful 80s opener. I loved the blue mech Stig was using at the beginning and feel so bummed he discarded it. The Mint nudity legitimately made me feel uncomfortable and i don't want to see any further incidents of that.
  4. The scene in Frontier episode 8 where Ai-kun steals Sheryl's panties and the students (males especially) start to desperately chase it for their own perverted needs.
  5. Say, can you tell me where the Macross Frontier discussion thread is because I last saw episode 8 and I still have my opinions on it fresh on my mind.

  6. This occured to me just now but how about a hip hop act as the main source of music in the next show?
  7. UPDATE: The final act of the movie was so beautiful, I barely can put it into words. If only this method of storytelling had been more relative in the television version, it would have had a better chance. "Dancing in the Moonlight" is now my new favorite Walkure song with his disco homage and playfulness between the singers. Also, Kaname gets more time in the spotlight given how Messer got a more memorable and honorable sendoff both in his death scene as well as the funeral where the art department really outdid itself on the jellyfish taking off into the air. As a matter of fact, the animation department aside from that incompatible 3D computer/2D concert where Freyja debuted definitely deserves all the praise in the world for giving us the gift of spectacular visuals in the mech combat as well as the final battle concert where Mikumo finally breaks free of her Mary Sue/artificial human self and lets herself be inspired instead of usually being the one who gives the inspiration with her songs. Overall, outstanding compilation Macross Delta story and would definitely watch it again!
  8. Thanks peter! BTW I just realized that all the descriptions I put forth about which character I identify with make me sound more like a Lynn Kaifun rather than a Hikaru Ichijo. Due to wanting peace and not wanting to get involved with war but I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate the military for protecting us and keeping us safe.
  9. Thanks! BTW, from which Yamato series is the lovely Yuki Mori undressing in your avatar from?
  10. Bear in mind, this is not a review of the complete movie as I am still in the process of viewing it. So far, the point I stopped it at was the better handled Messer death in which he at least got to say his bit to Kaname. The Hayate/Freyja relationship takes full circle so much but is given precious time to grow and flourish that I don't think we even need to worry about the lack of Mirage footage, at least I didn't. One of the concert pieces namely the Freyja debut has some atrocious 3D/2D animation mixing that takes me out of being in an experience of Macross concert and more of a really bad drug induced dream. I found it extremely touching to the point of tears not only Freyja's birthday given such a precious gift like Hayate's snow machine but also Mikumo initiating the Happy Birthday song, moments like these just make it all worthwhile. I will be sure to add my thoughts on the remaining parts when I get the chance soon, don't worry.
  11. Ok, so initially i voted for Quamzin because really, i was taking things too seriously and should have known better. When it comes down to it, i feel i am more of a Hikaru due to despite being well intentioned and do not wish for outright genocide against an alien race, I do an average job when it comes to tasks but not as bad as Kakizaki. Also, I would definitely pick Misa over Minmay any day.
  12. I voted for Kamjin the Ally Killer. Basically because I would love to conquer worlds and take back the space fortress from the Miclones. If that means taking out friend and foe alike, so be it.
  13. Thanks for the feedback! As for "fiend", yeah it's good, it means I am a huge fan of the song in all it's forms.
  14. I have so far seen up to episode 4. PLEASE tell me the lousy repetitive intro narration about the space colonization goes away at some point, right? As for Fire Bomber songs, I am a total fiend for "Planet Dance" both the solo and duet versions.
  15. The first one ranks highly among my top favorite movies of all time to the point of repeat viewings with almost no break in between. I do agree that they got ridiculously bloated by the time The Rock came in, most memorable end sequence for me is number six with the airport runway that goes on for 10-15 minutes until inevitably it has to stop.
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