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  1. Works for me. I don't generally listen to Japanese audio with English subs... But I certainly have nothing against it. In one particular place I can see it used well. When Sharon is seducing Isamu and he says it's not your singing I want to hear. It's not your singing I want to hear vs It's not *your* singing I want to hear What do you think snaps Myung out of her pity-party? And Alpha One, not Eagle One. As for other languages... You're on your own amigo, lol!
  2. Lol you'd be surprised... I can remember plenty of times of general unprofessionalism, as well as open in subordination lol. If Isamu's former CO called Millard and told him there was a trouble-maker on the way, albeit a talented one... It's not a scene that bothers me. Having been active duty, I don't generally comment on the laughable treatment it gets in TV/movies. What software are using? To strip out audio, strip out subs (that's already a separate file, right?), and dice scenes.
  3. That's pretty cool. Do you want to do this as a quick and dirty? Or more extensive? There's scenes between the two that are mutually exclusive... Unless edited. I'm going off memory, so bear with me. Isamu and Guld first meeting in a staff meeting is a good meeting (Movie). Isamu mocking Jang and making Lucy laugh helps set up him asking her out. But Guld walking up to Isamu immediately post-flight is also a great scene (OVA)... And you can use both... As long you cut the last 10 seconds where Yang is explaining who Guld is. I'd have to check... But I think it's still OK for Guld t
  4. Good start? Might be worth doing a basic in-order scene by scene list of each version. I don't have a "must" as to which is the "base" version, though I lean towards movie. I do like the English dub, but I'm not opposed to Japanese audio and English subs (some of the subs are better... Like Millard threatening to revoke Isamu's flight clearance, rather than pilot's license in the dub). In addition to what you noted... Isamu and Lucy second date (this is a story thing, not a fan-service thing). The meeting about the Ghost, which let's the audience know there's more
  5. Apologies if wrong forum. Please move as required. Macross Plus is maybe my favorite series. There are aspects of both the Movie and the OVA that I like. I'd like to do a fan edit/super cut combining the best parts into a single version. Would anyone here be interested in working on this? I'm not sure the best way to address this aspect, so maybe by way of analogy. Years ago here (maybe a decade?) there was a fan edit for proper subtitles for DYRL. The understanding is that you're supposed to have the actual disc first, and you're not supposed to be re-selling it. I think that's re
  6. I have. Studio Nue is one of the very few companies that I have never been able to get a response from, even when having someone do introductions.
  7. You're basically proving my point: Two very different designs that had to meet the same requirements. (Also, I don't think it's accurate to say that YF-17 did meet the Navy's requirements. The only reason they looked at it is because they were ordered to, and they flatly refused to even look at the YF-16, orders or no. It was substantially re-designed and re-engineered. They look similar, but the final design went from 17,200 lbs to 23,000 lbs. Same overall length, but a re-designed and widened fuselage, new wings and whole host of other stuff.) I'm not sure you can be so bold as to say "no
  8. Well, the limited info says that it was supposed to exceed the VF-17's capabilities, so I was actually wrong in placing it as a competitor to the VF-17. But it does come way after the VF-11. AFAIK there was no other, official, competitor to the VF-17. Even if my original timeline were correct, it would not be "more than two fighters competing..." It would have been two. And while yes, they have different specs, look at your very own example: The LWF (Lightweight Fighter) competition between the Northrop YF-17 and GD YF-16. They might both be lightweight, but that's pretty much the only simila
  9. A little more info on the original... http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=11906
  10. I'm sure you guys remember this guy as well: One of my favorite designs, though unfortunately still non-canon. I'm having it modeled as well, and there will be transformations for it, too. Mine will be slightly different than the one physical model. I'm doing the shoulders a little different and the entire back plate/crossed wings will look different. Similar to how the YF-21 became the VF-22 Sturmvogel II, I'm considering the Kawamori's original art to be the prototype. I'm calling mine the VF-20 Einherjar, manufactured by Northrom. For those keeping score, same manufacturer of the origin
  11. Don't have too much done on the backstory yet, but I figure the manufacturer will be Loughead. I think the design is SR-71-inspired, and Macross tends to use slightly different spellings of real-world manufacturers. Loughead is Lockheed's original family spelling, and is pronounced the same way (the change was made because people kept mispronouncing it)
  12. Thanks, March, but I'm not sure I agree. It's... blocky... I'm not sure enough jointing can be put in to fix that. At least, I don't know if I can do it. We'll see. If anyone has any ideas for what the head should look like, I'm all ears. *I* don't do animation, but when all is said and done, yes, it'll be fully textured and have some animations showing it transforming, hopefully from multiple angles. I have a short attention span and tend to work on many projects at once. I have another of Kawamori's non-canon variable fighters in the works (the super-cool one, with the atrocious name). Plu
  13. Well, I think I just proved that I'm not a mecha designer, lol Some notes... Yes, it pretty much worked out the way I described. There are lot of visible holes, but that's because the mesh is hollow and I started with the jet. This was just proof of concept. Now that I know where cuts should be made, I can have the pieces/parts redesigned. There's no anime magic in there per se, but there are a couple folds that are more complex than I wanted. That said, seeing what Yamato could do with their jointing, this shouldn't have anything any worse than those. I don't have a head model handy so didn'
  14. Let me experiment with it and see if I can get transforming to work. 1/72 is a pretty tall order... I usually work in gaming scale... All the details would have to be completely re-done, and many more added that I wasn't planning on. 13" long is a pretty big model for rapid prototyping.
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