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  1. Works for me. I don't generally listen to Japanese audio with English subs... But I certainly have nothing against it. In one particular place I can see it used well. When Sharon is seducing Isamu and he says it's not your singing I want to hear. It's not your singing I want to hear vs It's not *your* singing I want to hear What do you think snaps Myung out of her pity-party? And Alpha One, not Eagle One. As for other languages... You're on your own amigo, lol!
  2. Lol you'd be surprised... I can remember plenty of times of general unprofessionalism, as well as open in subordination lol. If Isamu's former CO called Millard and told him there was a trouble-maker on the way, albeit a talented one... It's not a scene that bothers me. Having been active duty, I don't generally comment on the laughable treatment it gets in TV/movies. What software are using? To strip out audio, strip out subs (that's already a separate file, right?), and dice scenes.
  3. That's pretty cool. Do you want to do this as a quick and dirty? Or more extensive? There's scenes between the two that are mutually exclusive... Unless edited. I'm going off memory, so bear with me. Isamu and Guld first meeting in a staff meeting is a good meeting (Movie). Isamu mocking Jang and making Lucy laugh helps set up him asking her out. But Guld walking up to Isamu immediately post-flight is also a great scene (OVA)... And you can use both... As long you cut the last 10 seconds where Yang is explaining who Guld is. I'd have to check... But I think it's still OK for Guld to witness the sky pterosaur from the ground. The context changes subtly from his realizing that it's Isamu, to him realizing it's Isamu showing off again. And that sets up that tarmac meeting above... Guld is trying to get under Isamu's skin every chance he gets. You help set up that not only is there bad blood, but that it's going to escalate. You also end up with Isamu asking out twice IIRC... but that's OK. Shouldn't really have to explain why. Skipping way ahead... Keep the movie version where Kate asks Isamu to come and see Myung and Isamu flat out tells her no. This is going to be a point of contention... Macross Plus is not a love triangle. It's never even established that Isamu and Myung were an item. In the big reveal flashback, Guld walks in on them hugging. Not kissing, not further. Thematically that's a pretty big difference. And it looks more like he's consoling her than putting the movies on her. Not that Guld can tell... Because he's messed up in the head and always has been (which is part of why they both forgive him so readily. You don't hold grudges against the mentally ill.) And this gels with Isamu telling Kate no to coming to visit, especially when he knows Guld is there, with him chasing after Lucy, with him sleeping with her even after he knows Myung is in town, with him never perusing Myung romantically in the entire movie (or OVA). They were referred to as friends, not lovers. Myung clearly had feelings (hence Sharon), but it's not necessarily reciprocated. Regardless, Isamu moved on. Clearly. Guld is stuck in the past, picking a fight where there isn't one. Back towards the beginning again... Have to keep the movie version of Mege Gueldoa chastising Myung to be careful what she says and to who about Sharon's programming/emotions. (You have to show the audience that there's a mystery brewing, you can't just spring it on them). And IIRC the movie version of messing with dopamine receptors during Sharon's performance is better. Last thing for now... Isamu dancing in the Thunderbolt during his arrival at New Edwards and right after getting buzzed by the YF-21 probably needs to be cut. That's not his time to show off, especially since we just saw him in that epic opening dogfight. Get him on the ground, and have him do the hand flying through the air routine. His hand looks like the YF-19. It's foreshadowing, and it sets up the routine that in his mind he's always in the air (reinforced during 2nd date with Lucy and he does the same thing, and why she even comments that in his mind, he's already up there). Maybe there's room for the Thunderbolt dance later on? Maybe while he's doing chase plane duty and Guld goes out of control? He's showing off while Guld is about to wreck and it's part of why Millard is so pissed at him and has to threaten him? TTFN
  4. Good start? Might be worth doing a basic in-order scene by scene list of each version. I don't have a "must" as to which is the "base" version, though I lean towards movie. I do like the English dub, but I'm not opposed to Japanese audio and English subs (some of the subs are better... Like Millard threatening to revoke Isamu's flight clearance, rather than pilot's license in the dub). In addition to what you noted... Isamu and Lucy second date (this is a story thing, not a fan-service thing). The meeting about the Ghost, which let's the audience know there's more at stake, and overall makes a stronger story, rather than just dumping it on characters and audience out of the blue that they're canceled. Pretty much the entire end scene of the movie. That's Guld cutting his limiter with the Ghost, the whole Ghost fight including Guld's death, Sharon doing her siren's song on Isamu, him bashing his head... Everything up to but *not* including Isamu and Myun together. Leave it ambiguous with him just flying off. The order of the various Isamu/Guld test flight scenes may need to be jiggered. It makes sense for Isamu to start in the Sim. It also makes sense for him to be flying the VF-11 chase plane for Guld after the YF-19 is wrecked. The montage where it shows their head-to-head scores/progress should maybe be right before the fight where Guld puts Isamu into the dirt. Maybe not the entire montage, but that specific part. (peripherally related... My fan fic is ~25 years later, with Lucy's daughter as the hotshot pilot, and Lucy says things like, "You are *so* like your father!" and she says things like "Luck wasn't the only skill I inherited from him.") I need to watch both versions again lol.
  5. Apologies if wrong forum. Please move as required. Macross Plus is maybe my favorite series. There are aspects of both the Movie and the OVA that I like. I'd like to do a fan edit/super cut combining the best parts into a single version. Would anyone here be interested in working on this? I'm not sure the best way to address this aspect, so maybe by way of analogy. Years ago here (maybe a decade?) there was a fan edit for proper subtitles for DYRL. The understanding is that you're supposed to have the actual disc first, and you're not supposed to be re-selling it. I think that's reasonable? I have zero interest in selling copies of this. I'm open to suggestions
  6. I have. Studio Nue is one of the very few companies that I have never been able to get a response from, even when having someone do introductions.
  7. You're basically proving my point: Two very different designs that had to meet the same requirements. (Also, I don't think it's accurate to say that YF-17 did meet the Navy's requirements. The only reason they looked at it is because they were ordered to, and they flatly refused to even look at the YF-16, orders or no. It was substantially re-designed and re-engineered. They look similar, but the final design went from 17,200 lbs to 23,000 lbs. Same overall length, but a re-designed and widened fuselage, new wings and whole host of other stuff.) I'm not sure you can be so bold as to say "no fan would accept..." I'm a fan. I see nothing wrong with the sw-xa being a re-done VF-1 (so much meta-story here... The VF-0 is clearly more advanced than the VF-1, even though it's older and not nearly as developed. Obviously it's because Kawamori learned a lot in the 20 years between their designs and animation quality has advanced greatly. But instead of just coming out and saying as such, we get various in-universe explanations. Is the VF-0 more advanced and more costly so they had to go with the VF-1? Or is it that what we see in SDFM and DYRL are the in-universe TV series and movie, respectively, telling the story to the in-universe audience, and their producers were using the tools they had access to? Like when we used to make WW2 movies and have Shermans representing Tigers, and other similar "because its what we have" stand-ins). The point is, fans come up with a lot and accept a lot. I rolled my eyes when Trek came up with why new Klinks had ridges and old ones didn't, and I laugh at Trekkies that complain about ST:E being more advanced that TOS. I generally feel the same here. But, if I'm going to play the game, then here's my take on it. I got my information from Mr. March's site. I don't know if he did the translation or someone else. It says there that the Schneegans was the result of a program to combine stealthiness with air combat ability rivaling the VF-17. Maybe that's completely wrong, but that's all that I have to go on. (The legend is that Kawamor did that design work for a project that was cancelled and/or evolved into Macross Plus. I'm not sure the times match up, but whatever.) For my little corner, I choose to use Mr. March's entry as the basis and "shoe horn it in" because the only alternative is to completely disregard that information, regardless of its accuracy, and simply put it wherever one feels. That's the crux of our disagreement. You're asserting that it's a contemporary to the VF-11 with no evidence whatsoever to back that up. I'm saying it's a contemporary to the VF-19 because the one source we have says that it was designed to exceed the VF-17, and then trying to figure why it looks so much like the YF-19. YF-19 vs. YF-21 are like your YF-16 vs YF-17 example: Two dramastically different designs trying to meet the same specs. If you accept it as the only info we have to go on, the SW-XAII entry basically says there was another competition after the VF-17 (initial design in 2026, first flight 2035) and before the Super Nova competition (2034-2040), the result of which is the SW-XAII. Who knows why UNG/UNS had a new competition? The VF-17 entry says they were hoping to exploit OverTechnology. Maybe they were antsy at how long VF-17 was taking? Maybe they wanted to explore other advances? Maybe it's just because humanity was spreading out into the galaxy and the left hand wasn't talking to the right hand. But there was another program. After a time, for whatever reason, it wasn't picked up. Maybe it was too expensive, over-budget, prototyping new technologies, not promising or advanced enough, political problems, etc. It could have been killed off much the same as when the US Army pulled the plug on the AAFCS project (AH-56A Cheyenne) and replaced it with the AAH project (which resulted in the AH-64 Apache). On that AAH project, Lockheed submitted a proposal for a modified AH-56, which was rejected. Here we would be saying that SW-XAII program was killed and replaced by the Super Nova project. A simpler version, the YF-19, was submitted by one of the partners on the winning SW-XAII program (Shinsei). The other partner, Northrom, kept plugging away at it on their own time on their own dime, similar to how Sikorsky developed the X2 on their own, several years before the Army's request for the Armed Aerial Scout program. All sorts of weird stuff happens during design, competition, procurement, upgrading to new blocks, etc. No, I have nothing to go on that Shinsei, formerly Stonewell Bellcom, and Northrom were working together on SW-X project, except that the two worked together on VF-1 and so did have a history. Alliances are made and broken all the time. Remember how we used to have Republic, North American, Curtis, Bell, McDonnel, Douglas, Lockheed, Boeing, Vought, Grumman and whoever else I'm forgetting, and now we have Boeing and Lockheed. Stuff happens. All that said, I do like the VF-9 through VF-14 era. Interesting designs and probably the most interesting time in the story-line. Too bad it's under-developed. And who knows, maybe it does make sense to put it in that generation. I don't think it could be VF-10 (because '10' was taken by VF-X-10, which is clearly the VF-9), but it could be VF-12, VF-15 or VF-16, AFAIK. Then we could make a VF out of the F-22 (the Macross New Horizons project did, and they call it the VF-36 Thor, and I think it's way out of place there. No way is it more advanced than the VF-24/25/27/29) TL; DR -- Yes, we all agree that they're non-canon and people should take anything written with a huge grain of salt and instead just use them however they want.
  8. Well, the limited info says that it was supposed to exceed the VF-17's capabilities, so I was actually wrong in placing it as a competitor to the VF-17. But it does come way after the VF-11. AFAIK there was no other, official, competitor to the VF-17. Even if my original timeline were correct, it would not be "more than two fighters competing..." It would have been two. And while yes, they have different specs, look at your very own example: The LWF (Lightweight Fighter) competition between the Northrop YF-17 and GD YF-16. They might both be lightweight, but that's pretty much the only similarity. They're different size, different weight (by a lot), different speeds, maneuverability and performance, and different ordnance. The only things they have in common is that they're single-seaters and mount an M61 Vulcan. Yet they competed for the same contract. What might make more sense, for me, is to say that it started as a joint project with Shinsei (formerly Stonewell Bellcom). Northrom and Shin/SB had a long working relationship with the VF-1, so it would make sense. The relationship soured when Northrom wanted a conventional transformation sequence and Shinsei wanted a new, unique mechanism (Kind of like the fight between Nintendo and Sony during N64 development that resulted in Sony going out on its own and making the PS), and Shinsei was chosen as a finalist in the Super Nova project over Northrom. The YF/VF-19 has a lot in common with the SW-AXII. One could even argue that the YF-19 was derived from the SW-AXII. From there, it's not much of a leap to say that Shinsei made off with and used Northrom proprietary technology in the YF-19, and that that's what led to Northrom eventually getting this limited "VF-20" contract. That would make this both predecessor and successor to YF-19. Maybe the prototype was called YF-18, and production became VF-20. This would somewhat mirror what you pointed out in the YF-16 vs YF-17 contract, where the YF-16 won, but the YF-17 continued developed and eventually won its own contract and became the F-18. Of course, YMMV. I'm not Kawamori and it's a non-canon design, so of course everyone should feel free to use it (or not) as they see fit. I'm simply pointing out that according to the very limited info available, it came well after the VF-11. And, to me, it looks contemporary to the VFs-19 & -22.
  9. A little more info on the original... http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=11906
  10. I'm sure you guys remember this guy as well: One of my favorite designs, though unfortunately still non-canon. I'm having it modeled as well, and there will be transformations for it, too. Mine will be slightly different than the one physical model. I'm doing the shoulders a little different and the entire back plate/crossed wings will look different. Similar to how the YF-21 became the VF-22 Sturmvogel II, I'm considering the Kawamori's original art to be the prototype. I'm calling mine the VF-20 Einherjar, manufactured by Northrom. For those keeping score, same manufacturer of the original Valkyrie, similar transformation mechanism, Scandinavian name related to the Valkyrie (the Einherjar were the warriors who died in battle and were then selected by the Valkyrie to fight in Ragnarok). Backstory-wise, I'm considering it a contemporary to the VF-17/19/22. She was part of the original competition that resulted in the VF-17. Ever-changing specs that just happened to match General Galaxy's YF-17 offering led Northrom to believe that the competition was rigged, and existed only to meet legal requirements preventing no-bid contracts. Though they lost, Northrom continued development on the SW-XA II. When proof that the competition was rigged surfaced several years later, Northrom was able to parley that into a new, limited contract to provide a new, limited production special forces variable fighter. The greatest coup of the new deal was access to General Galaxy's VF-22 technology, resulting in numerous performance increases. The official story was that the contract was awarded due to the VF-1s unsurpassed combat and data & analysis records. Though Northrom did have the manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain experience to handle the contract, pessimists claimed the entire deal was nothing more than a "Thank you for the VF-1, now go away" response to Northrom leadership's claims of being excluded from front-line combat units for almost 30 years. That it had actually happened for at least a decade was entirely irrelevant. Anyway, the VF-20 Einherjar:
  11. Don't have too much done on the backstory yet, but I figure the manufacturer will be Loughead. I think the design is SR-71-inspired, and Macross tends to use slightly different spellings of real-world manufacturers. Loughead is Lockheed's original family spelling, and is pronounced the same way (the change was made because people kept mispronouncing it)
  12. Thanks, March, but I'm not sure I agree. It's... blocky... I'm not sure enough jointing can be put in to fix that. At least, I don't know if I can do it. We'll see. If anyone has any ideas for what the head should look like, I'm all ears. *I* don't do animation, but when all is said and done, yes, it'll be fully textured and have some animations showing it transforming, hopefully from multiple angles. I have a short attention span and tend to work on many projects at once. I have another of Kawamori's non-canon variable fighters in the works (the super-cool one, with the atrocious name). Plus I have some video game stuffs in the works. I'll share anything I think you guys will be interested in.
  13. Well, I think I just proved that I'm not a mecha designer, lol Some notes... Yes, it pretty much worked out the way I described. There are lot of visible holes, but that's because the mesh is hollow and I started with the jet. This was just proof of concept. Now that I know where cuts should be made, I can have the pieces/parts redesigned. There's no anime magic in there per se, but there are a couple folds that are more complex than I wanted. That said, seeing what Yamato could do with their jointing, this shouldn't have anything any worse than those. I don't have a head model handy so didn't put one in, but there's plenty of space in the fuselage to hold it. It's pretty tall... top of the shoulder wings is 18.7m, or about 3m tall than most other battroids. Didn't come out as cool as I thought it would, but they never do All the fins are pointed to the rear. The feet/engine bells definitely need to be re-designed. Never saw the Mac II video game, so can't comment. I'd be interested in seeing it.
  14. Let me experiment with it and see if I can get transforming to work. 1/72 is a pretty tall order... I usually work in gaming scale... All the details would have to be completely re-done, and many more added that I wasn't planning on. 13" long is a pretty big model for rapid prototyping.
  15. That's an interesting idea, thanks, I think I'll explore it. Let's see... there's kind of a wide, raised band within the main wing. The forward most point of that band marks the top of the chest plate. Chest plate is formed by the front third of the main wing. The mid-third, the wide band, is going to swing down/back (pivot at ~ middle of front third of main wing, where the leading edge changes direction, just on the bottom) and act as a T-bar for the hips (Yamato VF-1 v2 style). It'll collapse/fold on itself so it won't be so bulky. The rear third of the main wing will fold back/down and become the back plate. The head will be nestled in there. The front of the fuselage, right behind the forewings (not the canards, but the portion they're mounted to) will fold back/up behind the fuselage, putting the cockpit between the chest and back plates. The engine nacelles will slide down so that T-bar is at/near their front inlet point. There will be a simple hinge in the front of the nacelles. They swing open to expose the arms, then, once clear, collapse to form the legs. The knee joints will be in the middle of the nacelles (they're already visible). The arms will be at the exhaust end of the nacelles, with the hands coming out between the engine bells. The shoulder joint is in the middle of the nacelles, between the knee and leg-separation hinge, and the outer wings are attached to the arms. For GERWALK mode... When the mid-third main wing/T-bar swings down, it'll have to lock into an intermediate position, right below the front third main wing. The back third main wing will slide forward into the front third. Reasonably works as an intermediate stage... Yeah, the description is lousy, but I think I can work with it.
  16. If I were to make physical copies, I can print them at higher resolutions and cheaper costs than Shapeways. It would need more detail before is be happy doing that. We'll see if I'm up to it. I'm not the genius that Kawamori is, so I'm sure I'll be recycling ideas. It won't be VF-25 complex. Maybe YF-19 complex, or a little less. But no Pope hats. The arms will be in the engine nacelles, just not sure if top or bottom. I think I have a fair amount of it worked out. I'm probably going to make a few changes. More traditional exhaust bells/feet. A little wider fuselage. I figure that's prototype art, so it should be ok to change it a little for production. I can see it having an ELINT raydome on it as well. Might change the designation to VAR (armed/aggressive reconnaissance). Too many "A" and "B" craft are using the "2" or "3" designators. So maybe VAR-5. Currently I have it scaled to ~22m long (about 2m longer than the VF-14, which is a pretty big bird). I think it should seat atleast 2, maybe 3-4, depending on arrangement. I need to put Waldo back in and check the fit. I'll keep you posted.
  17. I'm sure you guys recall this guy: I'm starting a little project on obscure, non-canon variable fighters. This one just happened to be first in line. I commissioned someone to build a 3d mesh for me and he did a great job. Lots of ideas on how it should transform. I can see both VF-4G III and VF-14 mechanisms working. We shall see. For now I'm calling it the Shadow Hawk, after the Robotech Research guys, but I'm using a completely different back story. Taking a queue from the NOVA written on its side, I'm putting it in the 2035 - 2060 time frame and imagine it, as a specialty role craft, having quite a long operational life.
  18. Price is $60 apiece, plus S&H. Yes, it absolutely is too much. I could go into details, but it wouldn't really change that simple fact. I don't really expect anyone here to be interested, regardless of price, due to scale and that I wasn't completely faithful to the detailing. I just wanted to share it because I'm so happy it's finally finished.
  19. Finally have photos of resin. 6 pics total: http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h256/justiciar/Monster/
  20. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=30549&hl=justiciar&st=0 Reading through the thread again, no, I don't believe I'll work on it further. Hopefully others will step up and come out with something cool.
  21. It could have been me. I was working with Jason Lewis to bring his cgi tv sdf-1 (which was very well received here) over to resin. I was planning on 1/2500. There really wasn't enough interest to warrant going thru with it.
  22. That's not even close to the most expensive piece I've grown.
  23. HR Invision Plus. I don't *think* that qualifies as SLA, but I'm too lazy to go check. It's cool stuff. Cost ~$300 to print. The resin will be less, but that's not why I'm here. I was just super excited to finally make progress on it and had to share. I'll take new photos when it comes out of the rubber.
  24. Modeling done in Rhino. The next pics will be after it comes out of the rubber. I'm sure the resin will photo much nicer.
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