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  1. Received SDF and VF-1J GBP from Xx-SKULL-ONE-xX in great condition, great to deal with!
  2. OMG, Kicker!? Are you serious? WOW!!! That is like a concentrated Macross museum!! Awesome!! How do you keep them all cleaned?
  3. For out of stock items, can you contact them to order for you?
  4. OMG, so many awesome displays, especially Mavericks' ones are out of this world!! So many of them and nicely displayed, it's like a Macross museum!! @ultrman zoffy. those special effect things are nice!! Any quick tips on how you make them?
  5. Pmed you for: Char's Counterattack Schneider's Geara Doga Char's Counterattack Gyunei's Jagd Doga Char's Counterattack ReGZ & BWS Char's Counterattack Sazabi Char's Counterattack Nu Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory GP01 0083 Stardust Memory RGM-79N GM Custom 0080 War In The Pocket Kämpfer 0080 War In The Pocket Gundam Alex NT-1 w/Full Armor 08th MS Team RX-79[G] Ground Gundam 08th MS Team RGM-79[G] GM Ground & Type 61 tank 0079 Dom 0079 Dom--Desert colors 0079 RX-78 Gundam 0079 RX-78 Gundam ver. 1.5 (from G-fighter set--but no G-fighter) 0079 Gelgoog (no Gattle) 0079 Char's Gelgoog 0079 Char's Zaku II 0079 Char's Zaku II (repaint redder version) 0079 Zaku I 0079 Real Type Guncannon
  6. Anyone has any? Mainly looking for RX-78-2 HCM Pro but will be interested in others if you have any. Please let me know the asking prince and if you have any pics, that will be great. Also looking for a MG Rick Dom Beam Bazooka. Thanks
  7. This is indeed very sad and true unfortunately..... just look at Anna Nicole Smith.... for what it's worth I hope the media gives the Heath Ledger's family some privacy.... and I hope they don't continually trash Britney Spears either.... the media just plain sucks......
  8. I am assuming the decals will be printed on ALPS printer?
  9. Got my Minmay figure yesterday from Ichiban, great and understanding MW'er. Very fast delivery (all the way) to Canada, only took 4 days, YAY!!! He is in fact ichiban!!
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