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  1. Yeah, I picked up my cobra Trooper today. I just placed another order for the cobra Trooper through the Target App. Will see it get goes through. I think it will since its getting shipped this time.
  2. Major Bludd has been popping in one the Target App the last few days. He is currently available in my neck of the woods. Available for store pickup.
  3. Very nice collection!! I really dig the starboost armor. It's pretty fun in the Avengers game once you unlock it and go on your 1st mission with it. That Tony looks so much like a young Timothy Dalton.
  4. I picked up both the Flash point Batman and Grim knight Batman. Great display pieces.
  5. Mommar, I will take your house of X allotment :)!! We need Apocalypse original Horsemen and a Dawn of X apocalypse. I see the Aim soldiers are back in stock. I need to grab one or 2. Will the Lilandra head fit on the Jacosta body?
  6. One for me and one for my nephew/brother. They are both heavy gamers.
  7. Nice score SH9000! Did you back the razor crest? Today's Haul.
  8. Great minds think alike. I was able to get a PO for the digital PS5. Still trying to secure the disk version.
  9. Damn!! I was going to pass on most of that wave, but seeing that custom. Apocalypse was in a suite early in one of the X-men Dawn of X books!!! Could do the same with Charles and Magneto. Need a white suite for Mags.
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