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Avatar:TLA (Netflix live action series)


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The original cartoon was fun, the previous live-action was not fun to sit through. I had not watched the original material before the movie, but I could tell it was one of the worst/boring movies I have ever paid for and watched. Iirc one of my friends (who had watched the original show) apologized for it.

I'm not hopeful they can really recreate the fun atmosphere of the cartoon. They'll need good actors AND a good director.

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On 9/18/2018 at 10:39 AM, Seto Kaiba said:

... wasn't there already one admittedly terrible attempt at a live-action adaptation of Avatar: the Last Airbender?


On 9/18/2018 at 11:36 AM, SMS007 said:

Yup. The infamous one by M. Night Shyamalan.

The difference this time around is that Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino are in charge. 

Never watched it.  Was it as awesome as the live action Dragonball?

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Netflix adaptations have been pretty good IMO, so I'll need to actually see some of this before I count it out, no reason to doom and gloom that it's terrible before we've even seen any of it yet. Also M. Night isn't involved, so we're good there, I know he wanted to do a sequel to his first film but if very thankfully never happened. 

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I've never watched the anime and don't have much desire to. Did watch the movie and it was alright. Could have been better. As someone coming in still with no expectations of how the characters act and what actions they take, nor where the story is taken, I'll probably like it - unless it's a total crap show. But as stated above, Netflix does pretty dang good with their adaptations, so my trust is in them until they do something to lose it.

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Me and my family re-watch the original cartoon perhaps once a year.  We know when the emotional gut punches are coming, and yet, pow, it get's us all over again.

I love this show.  I remember scoffing at the advertisements for it during it's original run - like, "how good could some American made Nickelodeon cartoon be?"

It wasn't till I started hearing by word of mouth how much people liked it that I decided to get a copy. So glad I did.

I, too, am apprehensive about this planned version, if only because there's a lot of silliness and zany moments that just lend themselves so well to animation and I'm afraid they'll be lost in the production.

The Witcher leaves me thinking that perhaps there's a chance.  It manages to use a lot of humor and do it to good effect.

Avatar without the humor would really be sad and dour, you know, like the M. Night Shyamalan movie was.

It got some things right, but man was it a chore to sit through.

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59 minutes ago, mechaninac said:

Did... did Netflix finally get it right???...  Not gonna lie, that looks stunning and very authentic to the cartoon, in a 'the people behind it' get the source material and took it seriously kind of way.

I think after the missteps with Cowboy Bebop and the corrections they've made with One Piece, they might actually have a clue about what makes a good adaptation.  Getting the original creators involved is only part of it, they also need to have the authority to shoot down meddling from on high.

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I don't believe they could have cast better live action representations, looks-wise, of Iroh and Ozai; they're damn near perfect.  Sokka looks pretty legit too.  The other players are okay (Azula being the least fitting of the bunch) but have a great chance of competently embodying the roles depending on their performances (One piece is proof positive that this can be done in a single intro/episode)... this is true for all of them, actually, but when the actor looks the part, from the get-go, without uttering a single line of dialog, there is just a certain unquantifiable magic in the offing.

Will the show actually be any good?  That remains to be seen (Netflix is hit or miss with scant examples in between... when they get out of their own way and refrain from interference and/or 'current year' messaging, they seem to shine, but what's been shown so far is very promising.

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