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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

Macross Collection Display Thread


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Got a chance to do some ready organizing the top of the display cases. Not sure what obsessed me to collect the frontier figures.I'll probably just sell them. Not even sure how much they go for

Wow, even your overstock is impressive!

First time putting on a 1/60 fastpacks (used to have 1/48's) so I was like : "what is this bracket for?". Had to google videos on how to put on the fastpacks, lol..

Very nice, the VF-1S Strike is awesome!

Nice pics.

Seriously, the VF-1 is still the sexiest of all the Valkyries when she has Fast Packs on. Not opinion - fact.



I agree! I am glad I was able to VF-1S Strike Roy and Hikaru in my collection.

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My collection looks pretty sparse at the moment.


However I do have a pretty big back log of stuff that needs to be taken out of the box and put on display.

Dude! sparse as it may be but it looks absolutely superb with that lighting! And I might have to buy me some more Flightpose stands and do the same as you have and replace the crappy stock Bandai stand..

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Thanks man! I like the flight pose stands a lot, I actually need 2 more. They are a pain in the butt to order though. The website has been broken for at least a month, so you have to contact them directly to buy. Last time I made a purchase, it took them a week to ship the stands out.

yeah have ordered from them a few times now and its always been a painfully slow process.. a shame as their stands are very good! not quite as flexible (pose wise) as the Yeti stand but still a very good thing!

Thanks for the heads up about their website.. I was gonna order some more very soon! Will shoot em an email instead.. B))

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In expectation of my first set of YetiStands...today I've put together my 1st Detolf! Had this sitting in the closet in boxes since the summer, now that I have put one together, I must say, you can't beat these for the ridicously low price.


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I'll finally be picking up 4 Detolfs tomorrow. :D

I have setup the area for them


Frontier Valks on standby, awaiting Detolfs


Just need to make a kite symbol table cloth and the assault group is ready to go! Edited by wmkjr
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