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  1. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the covers off. But honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the work and that’s why I decided to cancel my premium and go for the basic SDF-1.
  2. Me too, i saw it live at wonderfest and pretty much it’s just a plain weathering paint job and glow in the dark paint. That’s it. Sheesh I can do that on my own. So I went with the regular version.
  3. Takara masterpiece MP 7-eleven Japan exclusive. comes with 711 brown shipping box & original receipts. USD $400.00 + plus shipping.
  4. so kind of late to the game, but where is the cheapest one can buy the sdf-1 the cheapest?
  5. Well, just cancelled my HLJ regular Miria..... lol , never thought I would ever cancel a Miria PO. Premium should be worth it!
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